Question for long term Clomid users....
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Kristi1 - July 18

I have been on Clomid since February of this year...actually I started 50mg last Sept (05), got pg the second month then m/c. Then I started 50mg again in February (06) for two months then went to 100mg and will be starting my 4th month of 100mg today. My last two cycles have been very wierd as far as the consistency of the "clots". They have been really slimey for lack of a better word, and not firm like normal. I have heard that long time Clomid usage can thin your lining and was wondering if this is what is happening. I have not been able to talk to my Dr and the nurses that I have talked to twice now say that it should not be a big deal that my AF's are different. Has anyone else experienced this? I am considering just taking 50mg instead of 100mg, but I am worried that I should just stick to the 100mg or what I should do....



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