Question for ladies using the fertility monitor....
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Jackie A - July 12

I have been using this thing for 2 years to no avail. Am I using it wrong? There are 3 blocks: 1-low, 2-medium, and 3-high fertily that has the egg in it. According to the directons for it, I have a good chance when 2 appears, then the best chance when 3 appears. But if we need to have sex every 48 hours, and sperm should be present when the egg first leaves the tubes, when exactly should we have sex? Before second box appears, or only when the highest (3) appears? I think we have been holding out until the highest box appears with the egg, but maybe that is too late, or does that really mean that I haven't ovulated yet and I should very soon after that appears? HELP! I think I might be reading too deeply into this. I have been TTC 3 years, am 31, and getting anxious. Both our tests have come out just fine from our docs. Thanks!


Krystle - July 12

the monitor actually reads your fertility as low high and peak. to get the best results you should bd "at least" once during both high and peak days. Hope this helps.


kc - July 13

I have been using the monitor for three cycles now. I has given me a high reading on day 8 thru 15 where I peak. I know I am not fertile for this long. Anyway the rule of thumb is everyother day starting during the high reading and on the peak day even if you bded the day before. I hope this helps. I usually start on day 11 and hit everyother day until day 17 since I ovulate on day 16. I hope this helps. Good Luck.


colleen - July 13

I also use a fertility monitor, sounds like the same one you are using Jackie..Like Krystle said, you should bd during high and peak. If it is a Clear Blue monitor, you are ovulating or have already ovulated when you get the egg at the peak (usually lasting 48 hours)..Many of my friends have used this monitor w/ success, but most seem to have bd'd in their high time and got pregnant vs. their peak time. Hope this helps, God knows we could all use it!



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