QUESTION: can a small penis reduce chances of pregnancy????
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renee - February 28

my husband and i recently started ttc. i love him dearly, and our sex life is fantastic, but in all-out blatant honesty, he's not very well-endowed. i'm wondering if this might decrease our chances of becoming pg. if so, what can we do? any advice??


Mega - February 28

If a small penis is the only problem, it shouldn't really affect things. If his scrotum is too close to the body though there could definitely be an issue with the sperm count, quality, etc. But really as long as he can orgasm, the size doesn't matter. Has your DH had a sperm analysis yet? I'd consider getting that as soon as possible though. I think it's a very important 1st step. Good luck, Renee! HTH!


kare21162 - February 28

My fiancee isn't well endowed either. As long as he has at least 3 inches their shouldn't be a problem. At many Walgreens stores they have an at home male fertility test which is about $30. If that test comes up with a low sperm count then I would see a doctor and confirm that reading. If it comes up positive I would wait a week and then do it again and see if it's the same result. I believe most of the kits come with 2 tests.


Mega - February 28

The at home tests, as Kare21162 said, are good at telling you if there's a problem with sperm count, but it doesn't pinpoint sperm quality issues. For that you really do need to get a full seman analysis (SA) in a dr's office. We did the at home test when we first started TTC & it said my DH's count was fine. And it is, it's quite high in fact. However, unfortunately, we have issues with the shape of the sperm. Only 5% morphology.


renee - February 28

thanks for the advice. we'll try the test - better to know than wonder! i was also wondering if there's a particular sexual position that might be better for this situation. baby dust to you all!!


Tracy - February 28

Renee, I have read that either the missionary position or doggie-style (sorry to be so blunt) are the two best positions for TTC. Followed by propping your butt on a pillow as you lay on your back for about thirty minutes. I asked my doc what I could do to keep all the stuff from falling out, and he said put your legs in the air. It works well. DH pulls out when he's done, and as he's pulling out I put my legs up for a while. Sounds goofy, but whatever!!!! It's easiest when you do the baby dance in missionary position with your butt already propped up on the pillow. Good luck!


renee - February 28

thank you! i've been propping up on the pillow afterwards. good idea to prop during the baby dance too! i appreciate the suggestions.
p.s. - this is off the initial subject, but a friend of mine who is also ttc told me she heard that certain positions are more likely to produce a boy vs. a girl and vice versa. my dh & i don't have a preference - i'm just intrigued by what she said - i'd never heard of anything like it.


for renee - February 28

Renee with a small penis the best postiion according to my doc is to missionary with your knees up beside your ears and have your dh thrust as deeply as possible while holding your legs back. Sounds weird but doc says it gives the deepest penetration with a smaller penis and it puts the sperm right where it needs to be. The doggy style doesnt get him in close enough if he is smaller. Try and orgasm as he ejaculates or right after to suck the sperm up and thereby also avoiding mucous issues if you have any of those. Enjoy as much as possible I'm sure that helps you to relax also. good luck


Mega - February 28

Renee--about what your friend said, I've heard that too. It is an interesting theory! I've read that positions that allow for deeper penetration (like rear entry or woman on top) gives you a slightly better chance for a boy. Missionary is slightly better for conceiving a girl. But really none of those "methods" are foolproof. Might be a fun experiment though. :)


ciera - March 1

What a great question!!! And the responses were good as well. I was thinking the same thing with my DH but I didn't want to say anything to upset him. The idea that everyone gave are great. Keep up informed of what goes on!!!


renee - March 1

it's a good thing i used to be a gymnast!! (although that was like 16 years ago...) it sounds like you need to be pretty flexible for some of these positions!! but i'm feeling confident about trying them. we'll probably give it another month or so before we do the sperm test. (if family genetics have anything to do with it we should be fine - he's from a family of 6, and two of his brothers each have 3 children. ) thank you so much for all of the advice. i'll keep ya'll posted!! baby dust!!


baily - March 2

Genetics have nothing to do with the mucous post coital test not going well. My family is large and I'm the only one not able to get pregnant as my mucous is killing his sperm. Don't just assume all is ok. Its a really really easy and quick way to find out if there is a problem.


jon - March 4

Well as a guy with a small penis might be able to add a couple of things
1/ Best position is definitely the one quoted earlier "missionary with your knees up beside your ears and have your dh thrust as deeply as possible while holding your legs back." Doffy style is sometimes quoted as bein best but depending how small he is he may not be able to get "close" enough to you to get decent penetration.
2/ Another thing to try is have him masturbate first - bring himself really close to orgasm then stop. Do this a couple of times. When he does ejaculate inside you it will be much more powerful. More sperm and better chance of getting where they need to be basically.
3/ Don't be shy about addressing penis size with him - you will need to make allowances for his size when trying and work together. He already knows he small so he wont be hurt if you tell him!

Hope that helps and good luck :)


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