Question about using OPK...
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MK - July 28

If I take a ovulation test and it happens to be in the middle of me ovulating, will it still show up with the 2 dark lines, or only if it's before I ovulate?


Chas - July 28

good question, I have wondered that myself. Anyone know ??


D. - July 28

You can have multiple positives but it's the first one that counts (unless you have ovulation problems to begin with). Once you get that positive, you should Ovulate between 12-48 hours later. So you could get dark lines but still be on the downswing. Does that make any sense?


Chas - July 28

So it is probably best to test quite a few days before, so you'll know when you get the first surge, then make sure to have intercourse the days following......


kc - July 28

D. is right. It is best to start testing several (at least 4) days before you expect to ov. When you get a positive result you should ovulate between 12 and 36 hours after this. I hope this helps.



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