Question about taking Robitussin to conceive?
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lovebug1 - December 1

Is it ture you can take Robitussin as a way to conceive. If so can you tell me how much should I take, when is the best time of day to take it and when should I start taking it, after my period or before I ovulate?
Thanks to everyone who read and responded


lovebug1 - December 1

I forgot one thing which type of Robitussin is best or does it matter?


tk07 - December 1

Hi! I know that it is the regular kind with no letters after it, but it has giusefin (sp?)or something on it. it is used to make your cervical mucus thinner if it is too thick. i thought you start taking it around the time you think you would be ovulating. i tried it one month and i couldn't stand taking it, i hate liquid meds!!!


SashaP - December 2

You should start taking it at least 5 days before you O. Some websites recommend starting it on cd 5. You stop taking it the day after you O. The dose is 2 tsp 3 times a day. You have to get the kind that has Guaifenesin in it. It can't have anything else as an ingredient b/c it will dry you up. I got the Walmart brand which was Tussin Chest Congestion.


1moretime - December 2

You also can take Mucinex which is a pill. It is straight Guaifenesin. In fact, I believe it has 600 mg of it which is way more than what Robitussin has.



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