Question about Provera
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alley_ - June 30

I'm new to this site and wondering if anyone can answer this for me...
Some background
I'm 28 yrs old and have been TTC since Fe/06. I went off the BCP in December/05. By April I still hadn't got AF on my own. My dr did an ultrasound and determined I likely had PCOS. I have no other symptoms so he sent me to an endocrinologist who said I'm 'borderline' PCOS and suggested I take Metformin and eat a low carb diet. She also put me on Provera to get AF kick started..
Now the question..

Last month I took the provera for 2 days and on the 2nd day AF came. She had told me that I should go on it for 7 days and then expect AF a few days later, but instead it came on day 2 of taking the pill. So I stopped taking it (as per her advice). I thought it was the 'drop' after going off of provera which induced AF; but I was only on it for 2 days.
Anyone know what that means?

I have loads of other q's but will start with that one for now.


DC - June 30

Hi Alley

Your story sounds very familiar. I have a 19 month old son and we are trying to conceive #2. After having my little guy AF never returned. My doctor also gave me provera and af started on day 2 not 10-12 days later like they told me it would.My doctor said it was probably concidence af arrived but then I started taking clomid.
I am now on round 2 of clomid and the same thing happened on clomid af came on day 2. Sorry I don't have any answers for you but thought you might want to know someone is in the same boat. I too would love to know what is going on.



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