question about progesterin?
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mbostick25 - March 8

I have a thyroid problem and my doctor took me off my synthroid. He is a different doctor than the one who diagnost me with the problem. I dont know if I should use progesterin creme just in case. Were trying to get pregnant. I've had one miscarriage and I'm afraid to go through that again. If you can help or have any other suggestions please let me know. I"m so confused on all of this stuff.


marymo - March 8

Hi mbostick, why did your doc take you off your synthroid? I thought if you have a thyroid problem, you would want to definitely be on that. I have hypo, and am on synthroid. I know that having thyroid problems can affect your fertility. Im also doing progesterone gelcaps twice a day because my progesterone was low. I dont think it would hurt doing the cream, but I would also treat your thyroid and keep those levels in check. Good luck to you!!!!!!!



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