Question about periods
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Jenny - June 24

Is it possible to get pregnant if you don't have a period? I have maybe two periods a year but I feel pregnant. I haven't had a period in a while could I be pregnant?


nancy - June 24

i think if you are just having 2 periods per year and then your suspecting that you are pregnant try HPT, if it's not accurate see your doctor. Because it's hard to tell if you are pregnant or not because your irregular


Jennifer - June 24

I have always been told that if you are not having a period than you can't get pregnant. Do you think that is true


kc - June 25

you get your period after you ovulate and are not pregnant. If you get pregnant then you do not have a period. Since you only ovulate a few times a year, it is possible you are pg. Take a test. If it is neg. either go to the doctor or wait a few days and test again. Hope this helps. Good Luck


casey - June 26

yes you can get pregnant without having periods. if you go on american pregnancy website it will tell you. go under getting pregnant and then under ovulation frequently answered questions or something like that. i hope that helps.



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