Question about ovulation tests
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cc123 - November 24

I just had a m/c last cycle. I bought ovulation test strips for the first time. I did 1st strip one week after m/c and there was a second line but it wasn't as dark as the other line but it wasn't faint either . Since then, 4 days later it has dissapeared (there is no second line). Why? Did I ovulate already? Is it to early to test? Pleases help. Thank you.


slowpoke01 - November 25

cc-it is because you still had hcg in your system probably. i know that i myself have used ovulation tests in august when i was pregnant and it was + just like the pregnancy test was. i did this because i had heard so many talk about using opk instead of hpt to see if they were pregnant. my doc told me that hcg and lh are so much alike that the ovulation tests(opk's) get confused and think that you are ovulating when in fact it is the pregnancy hormone. since you just had the miscarriage i would say that you had enough hcg in your system to trick the opk into thinking that you were ovulating. i would wait until you get your 1st period after the miscarriage and then count from the 1st day of your period to like day 11. (the 1st day of your period being day 1) and then start using the opks to predict ovulation. good luck.



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