Question about Ovulation
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Ceno - April 3

As of late, my cycles have been varying from month to month. Being 29 / 31 / 29 / 30 / 35 / 33. On average basically 31. Then my CM varies from month to month. Some months I can tell when it's EWCM, other months I have no EWCM. I'm most comfortable with following EWCM because I think it's most efficient. So when do you ladies think I'll be ovulating this month? It's day 12 and I can feel my libido increasing, meaning I know I'll ovulate soon. I'm assuming by the ending of the week, Wed to Sat. Any insight ladies?


kare21162 - April 3

You know what that sounds about right for a 31 day cycle. But if you vary by more than a day or two each month, it's hard to really pinpoint ovulation unless you are using BBT or some other method. I would recommend a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, it beats guessing. They are spendy if you buy them in the pharmacy. I got mine off Ebay for $100. That's $100 cheaper than in the stores, plus no sales tax. So that is what I would recommend if you have doubts.


pj - April 3

Are you sure you are ovulating every cycle?



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