Question about medicines
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meds - March 1

I am ttc. Are there any medicines I should avoid, besides asprin. Is it safe to take tylenol pm, something for sinuses, etc?


bump - March 2



Ann - March 2

meds, here is a link on the site that says what is ok to take while you are pg:
I avoid taking anything while ttc that I would not take while pg. Also, any anti-inflamitories (e.g. Advil, aspirin) is bad for implantation. I am far into the ttc process, and my dr says not take any anti-inflamitories after cd3. Hope this helps.


wannabemom - March 2

i think u shud read about in the internet as i read that ibuprofen causes impaired ovulation i am so tensed as i always take during my periods... or ask ur doctor



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