Question about husbands private parts
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Cutie - February 25

Could anyone please say what could this possible be? I am so dissapointed. I should say that I am a married lady, 21 years old-same for my husband. We have never had anyone else for sex. We were vergins. Now the problem is that the head of his penus started peeling. He says that it does not itch or hurt, but I see that its peeling. We are afraid to have sex because maybe its some kind of infection (me or him who knows?) Could anyone say what could this be? Sorry to be so straight forward, Thanks so much,


Spring - February 25

Dear Cutie. Nothing to worry about. It happened with me and my husband but his think was peeling from the top to the end. Anyway I think that should be kind of infection, like cadida which usualy gives peeling and itchines to man after intersource. Go and do some tests just in case and use camomile tea for douching.



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