Question about HSG procedure...a little scared!!
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Tiffany814 - February 23

I went to my doctor yesterday and she said I have to have this HSG procedure to see if my tubes are blocked and everything is normal? We're trying to see if I have PCOS b/c I have such long cycles and my dh and I are ttc. Is it painful during the procedure? I'm very nervous about it. I can handle cramping afterwards but I'm just extremely nervous about pain during the procedure itself. My doc said to take 4 motrin b/f going to the hospital? Can anyone tell me what to expect....thanks!!!


lisa_sc - February 23

Hi Tiffany. I had the HSG test done about a month ago and it wasn't all that painful. You feel a lot of pressure for about a minute and that's it. I had a little bit of cramping for about an hour or so afterwards. But in the end it will be worth it. This is my first time trying the fertility procedure and my doctor put me on Femara. I go this afternoon for my ultrasound to see if this medicine worked, and I hope it did. How long have you been ttc? I've heard that the HSG has done wonders on some people and they get pg sone after. So good luck and don't worry about the pain, it dosen't last long at all!


Ann - February 23

Everyone is different. Some people seem to have no pain and others find it very painful. For me, it was extremely painful, even though my tubes were open and the dr was very experienced with the procedure. However, I am glad I had it done, and I don't have to worry about blockages. I don't want to scare you, but I think it is better to think it will be painful and be pleasantly surprised rather than get blind sided when you think it won't hurt at all. Good luck on the hsg as well as ttc!


Tiffany814 - February 23

Thank you everyone! It's not that I cannot stand pain, I guess I just like to know what to expect. So thanks for sharing your experiences! My dh and I have been ttc for about 2 months now. I know that its not that long compared to a lot of women, but I always knew that I may have problems conceiving and I'm doing all these tests really to determine whether or not I have PCOS b/c if I do its a whole nother ball game and I'll prob have to be put on medication. I figured its better to know sooner rather than later. I have another question though- it seems like a lot of women conceived soon after this HSG procedure- is this done to help conceive? I don't understand b/c I though it was only done to determine if there were any blockages? Thank you and good luck to everyone!


TL - February 23

Hi Tiffany. I am a wimp at my annual exams and the HSG was not too bad.
Get the antibiotic and take a few Ibuprofin before it's done and you'll be just fine.
It's neat how you can see your insides on the monitor and the dye will spill thru your tubes.
I thought it felt like a little needle poking my cervix, not painful at all.
Once the dye is inserted, they tell you to turn to right side then left side to let it spill. That part burned. No bleeding just a bit of cramping after.
You'll be just fine.


Ann - February 23

Tiffany, it is normally done to check for the tube blockage to see a procedure needs to be done to clear the tubes and not to help people get pg. However, lots of people get pg right after, because it flushes out the tubes and leaves a good path for the egg/sperm to meet!


Robyn - February 23

Tiffany I just had mine done on Monday. I had more anxiety from waiting so long. It was not painful at all. Cramping afterwards with some bleeding. For me the most painful part was when they started to inject the day you feel a little sting other than that its not bad. I took 2 percocet that my RE gave me and I didnt need really anything maybe some Motrin or Aleve. Dont worry its sounds worse than it feels. Keep us posted. I also have PCOS my tubes were found to be clear narrowing in the left and the right is fine. So dont worry. Good luck.


sas - February 23

I also have to have my hsg soon. Just waiting for AF to start and finish before they will make an app for me. Also have suspected pcos. I have been ttc for over 1 year now had had one m/c in Oct. Also a bit nervous about this test but really want it so i get some answers and help with this ttc. Let me know how if goes tiffany814.


Mel - February 23

Tiffany, I did the procedure about 4 months ago. I had been warned about the pain as well. It is a good idea to take the painkiller before your procedure as you mentioned. However, the pain for me was very very brief (about 3 seconds). Then it went away and I was completely fine. Hope yours goes as well as mine did!


lisa_sc - February 23

Tiffany, when do you have your test done?



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