Question about Glucophage
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armywife4life - March 30

Hi ladies... I have a question, I was just put on 1500mg of Glucophage today, I was told by my dr it would help me get pregnant plus it would help prevent miscarriage in the first trimester . Im 32 I have been pregnant 3 times, I have a healthy 15 yr old son and have had 2 ectopic pregnancies, with the last being this past fall. My question is has anyone else ever been put on glucophage and if so did it help? And what were you side effects, I heard that it gives really bad side effects. Thanks!!!! ?


Katt - April 1

Hi ARMYWIFE! My OB put me on glucophage (Metformin). At first it was horrible because after the first dise or so it literally cleaned out my system if you know what I mean, lol! After that it was okay but all I wanted to do was eat sugar. Before I took the pills I rarely ate candy, etc and after on them I wanted to eat all the time and I wanted carbs/sugar - the bad stuff. I am 190 lbs and not a diabetic or have any sugar problems whatsoever. My regular doctor was actually a bit miffed that I was taking them, I took them for about 4 months as my new RE removed me from the pills. He said there is no need for someone who weighs 190 lbs to be on Met. He said that it would cause me more harm than good and since I O on my own and do not have PCOS that he highly recommends I quit taking them asap. I hope that helps you.


hopefulljules - April 2

I was on glucophage, and I didn't have any side effects, however so was my sister and it made her sick....every day! Neither one of us took it for over 2 months. She stopped because of the sickness, and I stopped because my husband thought he was getting a new job and was going to be transfered. We didnt' think it was the best time. But I was told by my doctor in March last year, that taking it I would be preggo by the summer. Good luck to you!


Mega - April 2

I've been on Metfromin for 2.5 years now, & since I'm now 15 weeks pg my dr wants me to continue it til the baby is born (hopefully to stave off GD). Do you have PCOS &/or IR (insulin resistance)? It doesn't sound like you do. I do have PCOS but not IR. My dr says the same thing about it helping to prevent m/c in the first tri. & it also is supposed to help egg quality. I did have some s/e though with the Met (same thing as Glucophage). But I also have IBS, so it's kind of a chicken/egg thing really. But I found that the step up method helps quite a bit when you're first starting out. Take 1 pill a day the first week, go up to 2 a day the 2nd week, then try 3 pills a day the 3rd week. Also always take the pill with food, helps a lot. I've got to say, at first I wasn't sure the Met really was helpful but now I really think it was. For one thing my egg quality is improved, & this pg was a natural one right after an IVF m/c & for someone who hardly O's by herself getting a natural BFP was quite a nice surprise! I hope the Glucophage helps, Armywife! Good luck! Oh & Katt, I have the same issue on Met, I never craved sweets as badly as I do on Met. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had this issue. So weird though. Maybe b/c niether of us have IR?! Hmmm.



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