question about clomid PLEASE answer
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Kim - March 11

I am starting my first round of clomid tomorrow. I will be taking 50 mg once a day for cycle days 3-7. Can anyone tell me the best time of day to take it. At night before bed or in the moring. Also, has anyine become preg from clomid either 1st, 2nd or 3rd round. Please answer.


Belle - March 11

Yes, there are many women, I read success stories on a Clomid Discussion Board website yesturday, they were excellent!! But I cannot remember the address because I just typed in the word 'Clomid' and went onto different sites. Do a search it will really help you, it helped me.


Belle - March 11

Got it, just copy and paste this address:


michelle - March 11

i always take in the morning...
i fell last year on it but had an eptopic , i fell on my 2nd cycle..on my 1st cycle of it again, a friend of mine had two children and fell pregannt with both on 2nd cycles of clomid!!


jb - March 11

I took it at night due to the side effects that i suffered (not everyone gets them) x I have heard alot of success stories and thats why im going to take it again next month (round 2) xx


Renee - March 11

I'm at the end of my first month of Clomid. My doctor and pharmacist said it didn't matter what time of the day you took the pill, just that you took it at the same time everyday. I took mine at 6pm just in case I had side effects I would be at home. I did have effects like hot flashes and some irritability (nothing too bad), but found those came anytime of the day, not just after I took the pill. I also had these for about a week after I finished the last pill on day 7. I expect my period a week from now so I'll know then if the first round of Clomid worked.


Mythili - March 11

Renee, I hope it works for you. I was also on my first round of Clomid in February.. I just missed my period. Home Pregnancy test came back positive. So I am waiting to go see doc to do the blood test and confirm.



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