Question about Clomid--for all your who know
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AD - May 17

I am concerned about my friend who is trying to take matters into her own hands... She has had two healthy and regular pregnancies where she got pregnant on her own. (One was an ooopsie-not planned and one took 2-3 months of trying). She wants one more and her husband said that he will only try untill his next bday which is 4 months away. He said he doesn't want any more kids after 40. Anyway, so my has decided that she is going to take clomid to insure she gets pregnant right away.. Now she has regular cycles, and as far as I know ovulates regualry. I told her to just take OPK's, not to be so drastic. I am concerned for her. Clomid is for people having trouble, what happens if she takes it on a normal cycle, etc?


Tink - May 17

so is she taking it unprescribed? If so, i agree that is dangerous. there is a thread here of women taking it on their own though and a few had success, but i don't recommend it . buying it online is not a good idea, who knows what you are getting or what dose you should take? it will just make her produce more eggs and can risk multiples. the couple on TLC with the setuplets used clomid i believe and ended up with 6. she should also be monitored via ultrasound and with bloodwork while on it- to ensure she doesn't develop cysts. i had to have one surgically removed from clomid. it can burst and cause more problems for her and throw a wrench in her whole plan. i wouldn't recommend her taking it. i think temping or OPKs is the best route to go. be sure she isn't using any jelly like KY, it can affect the sperm (even the regular kind). she can cut caffeine, eat healthier etc. too. Those are always the first steps any doctor will have someone take before even doing the regular testing or putting them on clomid. it can be dangerous for her to do it unmonitored.



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