question about bding while ttc
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fatboy - November 16

I know it is said that when ttc you should bd every other day, but does it matter how many times in that day you bd? Should you just leave it at once per day? Thanks so much for your help!


slowpoke01 - November 16

i dont think that it matters how many times you bd. i have never seen anything limiting it to once a day


Iwant8 - November 16

My doc said if slow or decreased numbers of sperm are the issue, then bd every other day. If sperm are not the issue (mine is anovulation) thatn you can bd as much as you want. We bd every day during fertile time. Any more than that will decrease the amount of sperm for the next time. Hope that helps....Good Luck.


fatboy - November 17

Thanks, that does help!


lovemy3 - November 19

I was told every other day and it takes about 40 hours for sperm to mature again.



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