Question about + OPK..
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SaintRose83 - January 30

Has anyone expierenced a + OPK test and then ovulate later then the 12-48 hours that it said you would. I ask because I got a + and I think I might have ovulated 4 days later. I'm not sure, anyone else heard of that, or are they pretty accurate within the 48 hour frame. Oh, I did the internet no name test strips. Thanks


Mindy1 - January 30

Hi rose! What makes you think you O'ed 4 days later?? (curious) I am almost positive that when you see the OPK you could either be o'ing already or just about to O. normally you can only see the + 48 hours MAX before you really do. This one stumps me though. I dont know if that can happen or not. I use the brand Answer for mine, and it was very easy to tell. Did you take more than one test?


SaintRose83 - January 30

Hi Mindy! No I took one test. I heard that as soon as you see the surge on the 1st test, you count that as the start of the 48hours. I asked this question, because after I got the positive, my temps rose a little bit but then a few days later, i started having cramping and stuff. I heard you feel yourself ovulating when you are on Clomid (50mg) . Plus I had an even higher temp rise. So that is why I asked. I'm not sure what is going on with my chart. I'm hoping that the test strip is accurate in saying 12-48 hours. I used the ones on the internet.


tk07 - January 31

hi! i just wanted to let you know that last month i got a + opk for 3 days in a row and the last day i got it was the day i ovulated. and i got pregnant that month, i don't know if i ovulated more than once or what, but if you stopped testing then it could have been something similar. do you bbt chart?
good luck!


SaintRose83 - January 31

Tk07, Yes I do BBT charts... thats why I was confused.. I had a temp rise about 24 hours after I got the positive test. Then a few days later I got even higher temps. Thats why I thought I may have ovulated later.


tk07 - February 1

did your empt dip at all after the first rise? if not then that first rise is probably the ovulation time. mine does that, it rises a little and then goes higher and stays higher.
good luck!



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