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ConfusedMom2B - March 6

I have been using Clearblue Easy Ovulation Test.. and, I had taken these tests during/around the time I am calculated to ovulate. If I have never seen a line telling me that I'm ovulating. Should I be worried that I'm not regularly ovulating... or should I try a new test to see if the clearblue test is wrong? Please let me know! Thanks girls!


BW - March 6

I would suggest taking your temperature and I have also heard and sorry if this is gross but that you produce clear cm when u are ovulating. I bought one of those ovulation saliva ones so i can do it every day if i want to. woman ovulate on differnt schedules sometimes depending on ur cycle.


Dee - March 6

how long have you been using an opk for? i would say keep using the clearblue (because i heard they're usually good) or buy a different brand and try charting your temps like BW suggested. also there's the possibility that you might have just ovulated sooner than you thought you did and you started using your opk after you had already O' maybe for your next cycle use an opk everyday starting from the day your period ends until about 6-10 days before your next period is supposed to start to make sure you dont miss it again. also, i heard it's best to use an opk in the late afternoon because some women O in the morning and if you test to soon you'll miss the surge of LH. and my doctor told me that sometimes there is 1 month out of the year that a woman wont there's the possibilty that you had a month like that. if you chart your temps and use an opk most of the month and you still dont see that you've O'd yet, then i would definitely suggest talking to your doctor about it and see if there's something they can do for you. good luck and i hope that helped a little.


ConfusedMom2B - March 6

I really did do what you suggested. I tested in the afternoon, and starting using the tests as soon as my period ended until now.. I'm using them still and my expected period is the 12th. I'll keep trying, but I hope that I don't have to see a doctor about this... I would be crushed!


isa - March 7

I had a month like yours and finally stopped on cd19 with the opks (due to cost) but kept watching my temps and I ended up ovulating on cd29 (I'm always around cd 12-14) but I had a couple cysts that must have thrown it off. They went away that cycle without a problem but if I had not been temping I"d have wondered what the heck was going on. Just a thought but maybe thats whats happened to you also. I also was using clearblue.


ConfusedMom2B - March 7

I'm probably going to start checking my temp every morning now, because I guarantee that I'll get my period this month, but I'll atleast be saving some money by not buying those ovulation kits.


crystal - March 8

you ovulate 14 days before your next period. If the test is not picking up on your ovulation then i would suggest going to a doctor and talking to the obgyn about it. maybe your not producing eggs. best of luck


Dee - March 8

hey there, how's things going? have you O'd yet? yeah, charting temps definitely saves you TONS of money as far as figuring out when you O. my problem with charting is that some mornings i'm still half asleep and get up to go to the bathroom before i've taken my's a bad habbit i need to but it has definitely helped me see what's going on with my body. when i started temping i bought a little daily agenda and i write down my temperature, how i feel that day (ex: gassy, bloated, irritable, etc), whether or not my hubby and i bedded, and what my cm is looking like-and that has really helped me too. i hope you dont have to see a doctor about this either, but it could just be something minor that a doctor could fix dont let it get you down to much. like i said though, you could have just had a month where you didn't O so try temping this cycle and the next and if it doesn't look like you've O'd by then make a doctors appointment. i know it's nerve wracking, but maybe it's not anything bad. well good luck and i'm crossing fingers and toes that you O!!


ConfusedMom2B - March 8

Thank you so much! I'm going to need all of the help and luck that I can get! This forum really helps, because I'd rather talk to women like you, then call the doctor or make an appointment and spend some cash on that! Thanks a lot! I'm going to buy one of those things, they do'nt cost very much, do they?


Becca - March 8

ConfusedMom2B; I would continue using those throughout the enitre cycle. I am one who doesn't ovulate 14 days before my next period. I have a 28 day cycle and ovulate on or around day 20 - give or take a day! My doc has put me on progesterone suppositories to start as soon as I ovulate up until I got the positive on the HPT. If you find you are ovulating that late, have your docs test your progesterone for you. I have had two m/c due to low progesterone and I'm now 20 weeks pregnant, thanks to progesterone supplements. I didn't have this problem with my son (he is 6), but the past two years have been exhausting trying and losing and now it looks like we're finally going to have a baby. I'll find out (hopefully) what it is on Friday. Good luck to you and I know it can be very frustrating and tiring doing this entire process.....


Justine1 - March 8

I think it might be worth trying a different brand. I tried the Clearblue tests and didn't get any results at all (neg or positive) then tried the Boots one (I live in England) and got results. I was also blood tested on day 21 by the doctor and I ovulate fine.



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