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Ezmee - May 3

I'm 38 years old and my dh and I have been ttc for 6 months on our own. I've got an appointment with a fertility doc today. Could anyone give me some insight on what might be the first steps?


Jennacat - May 3

At my visit we met with dr. and she explained all of the options and what she felt would be best for us.. After that they did a vaginal sono, then we met with someone from the financial dept to go over prices and the steps that we needed to do in order to get start with ttc. Be patient and ask every question you can think of, even if you think it's stupid. If there is anything you don't fully understand have them explain it until you do. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.


Tink - May 3

if you haven't done basic testing, they will do that- including semen analysis for DH, bloodwork on you (check progesterone, estrogen etc.). Possibly an HSG which is a dye test to check for tube blockage. most docs might also do a clomid challenge test. so i would think reviewing history and discussing testing options so they can figure out the potential problem before figuring out treatment options. good luck


slowpoke01 - May 3

i agree with the two of these ladies at least this is how it was for me when i first started seeing a fertility doc.


erika62897 - May 4

Our first visit was just sitting down and talking with the RE about all of our options as well as all of our possible reasons why we were unlucky. Because my insurance covers it (clinic visits), we did not talk prices. We also did some bloodwork and found out I was ready to O, so we scheduled for a post-coital test (pct). After the pct, we found out the sperm were dead. Since I hadn't O'd yet, we did a semen sample and an IUI...all of this within the first 3 visits (all in a week). My RE was ready to take the bull by the horns and get moving on it the first week we did TONS of tests as well as our first insemination. Hope that helps! And good luck!


Ezmee - May 4

Thanks soooo much ladies!!! Your responses were very helpful. I went in for my visit and Tink we are going to start all the things you said. Having that information before the visit made me feel more comfortable. Thanks again you are all so supportive!!!



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