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question - March 30

i had sex with mu hubby on 3/14 my period also dropped that day i had sex on 3/25 3/28 my breast are tender i'm not sick yet and my periods 2 weeks away i took a p test it said neg. i see my veins on my breast look dark blue could i be pregnant?


dakota - March 30

It sounds like it it's just a little too soon to tell.Depending on whether or not you are TTC, it may just be psychosimatic, basically your body is giving you pregnancy symptoms to make you believe that your pregnant. I was almost the same exact way last month. Nausea,tender breasts,certain foods making me sick to my stomach. But a negative test, and then my period. Now I'm to the point where when my body is giving me tell-tale signs, I just chalk it up to "wanting it so bad, that my body is making me believe it", wait until you get your period, or miss your period, then test again.



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