Ques. About Oral Sex Before Sex While TTC
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To Sherry - October 23

My DH and I do oral every time we DTD and I got PG without any problems. Once the swimmers are inside you, the saliva should not be able to affect it. The swimmers that fertilize the egg are in your uterus and fallopian tube. Your saliva isn't going to go even close to there. Good luck!


nina - November 22

I have had plenty of friends get pg after oral sex.


Anna - November 22

I'm 4 1/2 months PG and my DH and I do oral every time. We did oral when I concieved, too. While some say that oral will kill the swimmers, your saliva won't even be getting close to where most of the swimmers will be going. Any saliva will be washed away from his member while thrusting long before your DH comes inside of you. And the swimmers that will fertilize your egg are not going to be right at your vaginal opening where his saliva would be. It's not likely either that there would be enough saliva to kill the thousands and thousands of swimmers that are released inside of you. If it really worries you, do oral and then wipe his member off with a moist towel before he is inside of you. Good luck sweetie!



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