Ques. About Oral Sex Before Sex While TTC
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sherry - October 4

Hi there. iam new here, and am looking forward to getting that BFP with the rest of you gals! iam 30, and my hubby is 44. we often, almost always, have a bit of oral sex (from me to him, to get things rollin, lol), and then we have sex. now, am i doing harm to my chances, having oral sex before sex, with my saliva and all, or does it not make a difference? i have wondered this for awhile, but never had a clue where to ask such a thing. what do you think? and if you have gotten pregnant while doing "that" first, please post as well. **baby dust to all!**


To Sherry - October 4

As long as he doesn't let anything slip, you should be good to go. Have you tried the Altoids? My DH was pleasantly surprised and we were doing BD.


Sophie - October 4

According to some forum i've been they say that saliva can kill sperm...so maybe not do oral during your fertile time. Just a suggestion.


M'Rita - October 4

Hi again Sherry,
We had oral sex, but the other way around (from him to me) and we are now PG! I did hear about saliva killing sperm, but I heard about it after we BD for that month. The only thing I could swear by is putting ur legs up the wall after dbing for at least 20min.
Good luck girl!
Love xxx Rita


KSM - October 4

if lubrication is the issue try pre seed. that is supposed to get the sperm where the need to go anyway and is the only safe lube


sherry - October 4

i do have some pre-seed socked away, thank for the suggesstion. i hope it's as good as the real deal though (meaning vs. the real stretchy mucus, i hardly ever notice much of that). iam gonna bd tonight and see what happens. better pull out the ingerie, and maybe he won't need the oral sex first (wink, wink) i can tell by feeling my cervix, iam definately at my peak time. many thanks & hugs, sherry


KSM - October 4

sherry, question for you?? i have a obgyn appoint. today for a pap. do you know if it that safe if i'm supposed to ovulate today or tomorrow


to sherry - October 4

Yes saliva is supposed to kill sperm, so I would not do any oral sex, on you or him, around o time jus to be safe. If you don't mind me asking, doesn you hubby need it because he feels like he is on a schedule and is not really in the mood? If he feels like that, don't tel him you are o'ing, and try to have sex when he doesn't expect it. This way he doesn't know when you are o'ing and won't feel you are just using him for baby making. That seems to work for me! Sorry for the unsolicted advice. Just trying to help! good luck!


no saliva - October 4

saliva is not good for sperm avoid oral sex either way while trying to conceive. Its ok during infertile periods though


Any suggestion? - October 5

I have low sex drive..My wife need to give me BJ before able to TTC...I was wondering..Have anyone conceive like this? I know saliva is bad for sperm..but any other suggestion to keep sex drive high? I am taking some Herbal medicine but doesn't seem to help. Thanks!


Liz - October 5

My hubby and I always have oral, I never heard of it hutting your chances! I have been pregnant twice! i guess it all depend on the person, take care.


sherry - October 5

ok..well, ya know i got a + opk yesterday in the am, and wanted to bd last night, w/o putting the pressure on dh. so i told him (you'll probobly laugh) ewww.....you really stink down there, lol), he goes then don't worry about it, you don't have to go down on me. THERE WAS MY WAY OUT!!! lol. i have done that many times when it wasn't smelling so great (sorry tmi), but i wanted to optomize my chances, and i got him hard with visual stimuli for a change instead. hope it works!! thanks for the great advice ladies


sherry - October 5

any suggesstions...try buying your gal some sexy lingerie. maybe that will stimulate ya. ((hugs))


Indi - October 5

My two cents... saliva may be hostile to sperm, but so are vaginal fluids. Ironically, the human body is designed to fight off invaders, including the spermies. As for whether to do it or not...if it makes the BDing more enjoyable, go for it. Make sure you don't bring him all the way to the finish line though because that can lower the sperm count for round two. However, I don't think a little saliva is going to make a difference. If you aren't sure, ask your doc, but my advice is make the experience about having fun and feeling good. Unless you have acid for saliva you're not going to kill the gazillion spermies that are thrown at your cervix. Do what comes naturally.


nina - October 21

ok listen to this i have ttc for 5 months we have been unable.My husband uses his saliva for lube.I know i dont like it either but i have bought tones of other lube he still likes his saliva better.This could be why i am not getting pg what o you guys think?


sherry - October 22

i dunno nina, but try using a lube like pre-seed instead of the saliva, and see what happens. af came for me this month, so it was a wash, but next cycle, iam pullin out the pre-seed hugs, sherry


To Sherry - October 23

My DH and I do oral every time we DTD and I got PG without any problems. Once the swimmers are inside you, the saliva should not be able to affect it. The swimmers that fertilize the egg are in your uterus and fallopian tube. Your saliva isn't going to go even close to there. Good luck!



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