Ques. About Guys W/ Muliple Orgasms & Chances Of Conception
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sherry - October 6

my guy hardly ever staops at one orgasm. he's the first man i have ever been with who can have multiples, and then not even pass out, lol. normally it is a blessing, but with ttc iam unsure. i don't believe that it really enhances my chances with him doing this, but iam not to knowledgable on the subject. i mean on one hand, you would THINK it would, but i dunno. any advice on this one girls?? you're always pretty smart here! hugs, sherry

ps- ***baby dust to all*****


jel - October 6

Sound like he can make some money on the side..wink wink..


sherry - October 6

i won't share, but iam sure you are right)


sherry - October 7



me - October 7

When you say multiple orgasms, is it separate love making sessions back to back or is it that he ejaculates inside you twice during the same session? I ask this because it takes a guy 4 or 5 pumps to finish ejaculating for one orgasm, and I want to make sure you are not thinking it is multiple orgasms. Either way, with each orgasm, there are less and less sperm, so it is not going to be extra helpful if he has multiple orgasms. Try to have one orgasm for each of you every day to maximize you chances. If your guy has a low spermcount, do it every other day, but only one orgasms for each of you. Good luck!


sherry - October 7

no, back to back ones. (i know weird right?), he says iam the first gal to do this to him, but normally it's cool, but right now, iam afraid he's "depleting" himself as you mentioned. his sperm count is normal, but not very high, so i figure the 2nd or third cum is not doing much to help, but can it hurt me, by continuing to pum inside of me, after the first ejaculate? sorry if it's tmi. it's a wacky question, but my life story, lol.


sherry - October 7

there is usually about a 5-10 minute gap between orgasms, but the "penis" never leaves me, lol (blush) sherry


shania - November 1

your guy is great in bed, baby or no baby thats the kind of man i need. lol, continue to have fun and baby dust



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