qualitative/quantitative test for preg
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pj - September 15

hi I have read you guys talk about qualitative and quantitative pregn tests. What do these mean


Lena - September 15

Qualitative hCG test simply detects the presence of hCG in the blood. A quantitative test determines the concentration of hCG present in the blood. A qualitative test can simply tell you if you are or are not pregnant. A quantitive test is performed to measure increases in hCG and monitor the conceptus integrity. With a strong and viable conceptus, hCG levels should double every 36-48 hrs during early pregnancy.


pj - September 19

Thanks lena. What is conceptus... ?


Lena - September 19

Conceptus refers to just the baby, or it can include baby, yolk sac, and placenta. Techinically its the latter, but is commonly used to describe the former as well.



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