Q's regarding PCOS.
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Embarrassed - August 20

ok, not sure if i have it, and my symptoms could mean 101 different causes. I briefly asked my doc about it 6mths ago and he laughed at me !!
I'm not getting pregnant is one symptom - though I have a daughter who's 8 years old now, never had problems conceiving her.
I get alot of abdominal pain, but i get REGULAR periods and Ovulation pain every month.
But what is worrying me and swaying me towards PCOS is that for the past 2 years I'm getting unwanted pubic hair growing around my aerola - (perhaps 8 hairs on each breast) I'm plucking constantly but they grow back !!!!!!
Just wondered what all your symptoms were and how you went about finding out if you have PCOS ?
Thanks in advance


To Embarrassed - August 20

I am a sufferer of PCOS. And to what you have mention sounds to me that you have it too. I have a couple of friends who had children and ended up with PCOS. Obviously your DR isn't sympathetic and not considerate to your thoughts and feelings. You will need to see someone else and talk to them about your concerns. They will need to take a blood test to confirm if you do have it. My DR asked me - Does your weight flunctuate? Have you noticed hair on areas that should not have hair? Have you noticed thining on the hair no your head? Have you noticed skin pigmentation? I answered yes to all of these. He have me a blood test and came back positive to PCOS. My periods came every month, didn't have severe period pain so I was shocked with the outcome. I do also get severe ovulation pain but thank God I finally found a gyno who gave me medication to calm the spasms and sharp pain. Please don't delay it and ask friends who they recommend for a GYNO and make that appointment.


Embarrassed... - August 21

I foundd out when my doc gave me an ultrasound. You could request an ultrasound from your gyno, but if he thinks that people without many symptoms (overweight, clear skin, low blood pressure, no wierd hairs, etc.) he is wrong. My first gyno was not a fertility expert, so I had to switch to someone who specialized in that. My new doc gave me an ultrasound first day, and there they were, the cysts. You could see them covering my ovaries. There are different degrees of PCOS. People without or with very few symptoms have a more mild version, than those with a lot of symptoms. A good fertility gyno would know that.


Lili - August 21

Hi There, I am from Australia and here is a website that I found to be very helpful. www.posaa.asn.au


Embarrassed - August 21

Thanks very much, for your replies !!..... well, I've made an appointment directly with the hospital - instead of going through my doctor.
It's next week, so I've not got long to wait.
Love XX



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