Q about xray of the uterus and fallopian tubes
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yumymumy - May 17

im seeing a specialist, i got a lil bit of info about what tests ill be going through.one of them is omething about a xray ofthe uterus and fallopian tubes how a dye to basicaly check for blockages and things along that line. has anyone had this done to them? how is this procudure done, how do they get the dye in there and is this painful? just a lil anxious and nervous. also i know ill be put on meds to make my periods be more often. will this actually work? i just find it hard to believe it will since i have 9 wks cycles:( will my medication make me get 4 wk cycles and mostly will i fall pregnant any sooner?.. so for all the ladies who have had the procedure who can let me know what its like, and also whos on medication and has fallen pregnant within a few months from it. thankyou


yumymumy - May 17

i should be getting AF very soon. i ovulated 14days ago and i get a increased amount of like slipery watery clear cm. iv never noticed it to be so watery or this amount, what is it from?


Tink - May 17

it's called an HSG test. mine was done in the hospital lab. i was told to take tylenol beforehand. you are totally awake for it. they lay you down and put in the things to hold you open (forgive me, i forget the name, i have pregnancy brain!!! lol)- anyways- so that part is similar to getting a pap. then they insert this tube like catheder thing in and i didn't feel that much, but some folks say it hurt. then they move the tube up and manevuer it while watching via an x-ray type machine. once in position, they insert the dye and watch as the dye travels- it should travel through your tubes- if not, they know your tubes are damaged or blocked. sometimes the dye can push out small blockages and clear your tubes for you. other damage might be more severe from scar tissue, endo or something else. but this way they know what your tubes look like and if they are viable. it was a lilttle painful for me as they couldn't get the catheder in my cervix, it was very narrow for some reason and my uterus is tilted weird. so it took over 15 minutes and 2 docs to get it in right. but most won't experience that. i had little pain afterwards, they do have you wear a pad in case you spot after (or dye leaks). i drove myself home. it wasn't that bad. it can increase your fertility by cleaning out your tubes if your tubes are clear. the meds- might be clomid and it helps your ovulate regularly and produce more eggs. it can help regulate your cycles and ensure you ovulate. many women respond well to treatment like this. i had very irregular cycles- it could last 14 days one month or could last 45 days the next month. on the clomid or other drugs, i had about 25-27 day cycles, which was great and more regular for me. i was finally able to get pregnant through IVF. but the drug therapy alone works for many folks. i did it for 6 months and had great response, just no luck on getting pregnant (i have unexplained infertility). good luck to you!


tonyaandjoe - May 18

i was put to sleep but afterwards i had very little pain.



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