putting finger to check cervix safe?
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gia - November 2

is putting finger to check cervix safe? whenever i do i feel pain after removing my finger..why?


kc - November 3

I have never felt pain while doing this, but everyone's body is different. It is safe, just make sure you wash you hand first to prevent any infections.


J. - November 3

Anyone know the meaning of the cervix positions?


kc - November 3

I personally have not felt any pain while doing this, but everone's body is different. Just make sure you hands are washed first to prevent any infections. If you are concerned about the pain, I would talk to your doc. You may already have an infection or maybe another problem like cysts. Just a thought. Hope this helps.


to J - November 3

when it is very high and open it means your in your most fertile phase. When low and closed you are not fertile. Always check at the same time everyday so you can compare and throughout the month it will change low,med,high,very high


tr - November 3

why would you do that? leave that up to your doctor.


HotRodGurl - November 3

Can your cervix ever be high and closed or low and opened? is it even possible?


kc - November 3

To TR- Checking your cervix is an easy way to check for fertility. It is safe and you do not need a doc to do it. For everyone. Make sure hands are clean. Start checking and charting the positions right after af is done. Your cervix will be low, easily reachable, hard like your nose and the end will be closed. It will feel like a cylindrical tube with a closed hole on the end. It will stay like this until you are about to ovulate. You will notice it will move up higher, barely reachable and be soft like your lip, and the hole will open to the width of your finger tip. You will notice ewcm at this time also. After ovulation the hole will close but the positon will vary so it is not a good indicator of pregnancy. Checking cervix is mainly used to determine ovulation. I hope this helps.

To hot rod girl - Your cervix will be high and closed after ovulation, and low and open during Af. I hope this helps.


gia - November 3

thanx allot frnds for telling me,,yeh i have small cyst as i took i cycle of clomid and found out ...my doc told me at is ok as it is because of clomid ...i will ask my doc on my next appointment. about the pain .... thanx allot .Baby dust******to all...


tr - November 3

kc thanks for the information! I was unaware. Something else to try.Good luck



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