Psycological Pregnancy
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kare21162 - March 7

Has anybody ever heard that wanting a baby so much could make you have a psycological pregnancy?? It could delay your period and things like that?? That is what I heard and I was wondering if it was true?? Maybe we all want a baby so much or so not that in our mind we are hopeing that we get pregnant or really don't want to get pregnant each month and it has an effect on our cycles and ovulation times. Something to think about I guess. If you read "What To Expect When Your Expecting" it says something about that. I wonder how often it is the case of infertility then not. Because I know that I really want a baby badly that maybe it is delaying conception because I think about it everyday, many times a day, and for some women all day. Has anybody ever heard of this?


SashaP - March 7

I just started reading book called Conquering Infertility. It talks about what ttc does to you mentally and what the mental factors do for your fertility. I'm just like you I think about it all the time. I'm trying to destress about it I keep saying it's not stressing me out but how could it not I've been trying for over 2yrs. I'm hoping this book will help. One of the things she recommends is yoga I've already started that. I strongly recommend the book it's already helping me.


mtnlass - March 7

Another good book to read is Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom By Christiane Northrup. It's focus is on the whole body and all stages of life. It's very enlightening. She's an ob/gyn so she talks about all the female stuff including fertility. There are alot of personal stories. I've been waiting 14 months. I'm trying not to stress out. Her book has helped me put the rest of my life in order while I wait. I hope it helps.



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