Provera to induce AF
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Mega - February 8

Hi! I was supposed to take Provera for 10 days to induce AF but b/c of a minor rash I had to stop taking it after 7 days. I was just curious, how many days after you took Provera (or the generic) did AF come? How many days did you take it? My dr thinks that was enough to induce AF & she should soon arrive for me, but I'm still curious about other peoples' experiences. I know everyone responds differently. I have PCOS so this isn't my first time taking Provera, but I took it for 10 days that time. Then the 2nd time I opted for the shot (Ouch!) but a cyst held off AF for a month. Anyway, I'm pretty antsy for AF b/c I'm supposed to have a lap & ovarian drilling done next Friday and my dr won't do it until I've finished AF. And I just want the surgery over with!!! Thanks in advance!


Mega - February 8

Well, an hour after I posted this I started spotting. Yay! So AF is on her way. I haven't been this glad to see her in ages. LOL!


jade - February 10

I have a question. How much is provera?


Mega - February 10

Provera is one of the few drugs my ins. plan covers, so with my copay I only pay $10 for generic Provera. I'd guess though without ins. coverage it would probably only be $25-30 somewhere in that range, but that's just a ballpark.



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