Provera Question!?!?!?!
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hopefulljules - April 23

Has anyone used Provera to get pregnant? I'm not really sure what it's exact purpose is, so if anyone can help that would be great


Lynn - April 24

My understanding this is used to bring on AF. I have taken it after a m/c in August 2004 to bring on a period. Not sure if it has any other uses.


ROBYN - April 24

Hi provera isnt used to get you pregnant its used to bring on your period when your not ovulating. I have used it numerous times. I just started my second round of Clomid today at 100mg. On 50mg I for the first time in a very long got AF on Friday I couldnt believe actually on CD30.


ROBYN - April 24

It also used to bring on your period if you have irregular periods or PCOS. Did your doc just prescribe it to you and didnt give you a reason??


BabyDreams26 - April 24

I take Prometrium to bring on my periods before I take Clomid to make me ovulate...


hopefulljules - April 24

She gave it to me to bring on my period, but I don't know where we will go from there she just told me to call her when I got my period. Will it also make me ovulate, or will I get to finally start Clomid or something similar?


ROBYN - April 24

No it wont make you ovulate it will just bring on your period. Trust me I have been through all of this. I thought alot of the same things. As for starting Clomid. My RE did a lot of testing prior to giving it to me. I just started my 2nd round yesterday. Its a lot of monitoring and sometimes Clomid isnt for everyone. You have to have your doctor do all the tests that are necessary then if its the right med they will prescribe it to you. Good luck



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