Provera in the beginning of a cycle?
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mtnlass - March 28

My doctor wants me to take provera from day 1 to day 10 of my cycle. I have "regular" cycles except my luteal phase is not the same and I spot from 10 dpo till period. I had the IUD Mirena and she said that it can cause the lining to thin out and this will help build it up for the embryo to implant. Anyone else heard of this?


Carole - March 28

Hi mtnlass! Provera is a form of progesterone so it will build up your lining for sure. I am on Provera right now to bring on a cycle. I took femara in early Feb. It must have messed with me terrible as I have not gotten af yet. CD56 for me. Sometimes drs. will put you on progesterone suppl. 3 days after O to build up your lining. Good Luck! I just finished provera today, just waiting.


pj - March 29

Hi carole. I also finished provera yesterday.... and am waiting...


mtnlass - March 30

Thanks. Everything that I have read talks about using it after O or to bring on a period. I've used it before to bring one on just never heard about it at the beginning. I guess I'll see what happens.



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