Provera effectiveness
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jal239 - July 7

I stopped taking BC on May 21st and have not gotten a period since. I spoke to my doctor today and she perscribed Provera to bring on my period. I am wondering if anyone has taqken this medication before and how effective it was at bringing on your period. The goal is to make my period regular in oder to ttc. I am just scared that my period will never be regular again and I wil have trouble conceiving. Any experiences would be helpful.


manyika - July 7

jal239...I took Provera last year after not having a period for 3 months. I took it for 10 days and 6 days after I took the last pill my period started.


StephanieK - July 7

I wasn't haveing periods every month. I started provera on augest 11th and started my period on the 29th. By sept 12th that year i was pregnant.


pm1307 - July 7

Steph- Were you just taking provera, nothing else? i took provera in june and got it and then as soon as i finished the 10 days, they started me on metformin, which i've been on.


jlolo - July 9

Steph -Does provera helps you to get preg.? My Dr. has suggested the same thng for me.


jal239 - July 9

Jlolo: Provera helps with ovulation. I recently went off the pill & have not had me period in almost 2 months. My ob put me on it for 10 days to induce my periods. She said that once I have a period, my periods should be regular. Let's hope this works. I have tsaken now for 3 days and so far nothing. She says I can get my period while taking the meidcation or once I have finished it. My DH and I want to start ttc but my ob wants me to wait to ttc until I am done the meidcine and I get a period.


Betzy - July 10

Hi jal. I have taken prometrium, which is progesterone like provera, to induce my periods. Within a few days after the last pill I have gotten period. In my case, I didn't get a period because I did not ovulate. Usually after ovulation the progesterone levels in our bodies are still elevated. If fertilization does not occur, the prog. levels drop and that is what causes the shedding of the uterine lining (AF). The doctor prescribes progesterone to build up the levels in your body and once you finish taking it the levels will drop and you will get AF. I know everyone's situation is different, but I hope this helps.


jal239 - July 10


Thanks so much for the info. It really makes sense now. Hopefully I am get AF and things will be back to normal. What is the difference btwn Provera and prometrium? Are they pretty much the same thing? thanks again.


jal239 - July 10


Also, could all of this explain why I am extremely bloated? I can not believe how bloated I have been for the past couple of weeks. When I talked to my ob, she said it's b/c my hormones are all out of wack. I'm telling you I feel like a balloon. I hope once I get my period this will go away.


Betzy - July 10

Hi jal. I am glad you found it helpful. From what I have read, prometrium is natural micronized progesterone (from plants) and Provera is a progestin, it is derived from progesterone and has progesterone like effects on the uterus, but it's chemical structure is different than natural prog. I have also felt bloated and uncomfortable like you when my AF is MIA, hopefully all of that will subside once you get it. Did the doctor tell you what is making your hormones go out of wack? I was diagnosed with PCOS, which is why my hormones are going crazy. Good luck and lots of baby dust!


jal239 - July 10


I went off BC the alst weekend in May. I have a sheduled period and have not had one since. What is PCOS? Sorry if I sound a little stupid, but I am trying to get used to all the abbreviations. How does PCOS stop you from ovulating? thanks again. You are a great resource!!!


NikkiB - July 10

About the bloating... When my periods were late I'd feel bloated and have cramps almost from the time it should have showed up until it did - 20-30 days late - and then it was very painful. My doctor said that it was perfectly normal to feel that way when your period is missing. PCOS is poly cystic ovarian syndrome, it means that you have a bunch of little cysts on your ovaries that keep you from ovulating (did I get that right?.) I think doctors sometimes prescribes clomid to help with that problem. I know several people who conceived on their own and with PCOS, but it can also be difficult. But if you only recently went off the pill, I would assume that this is the only reason why AF is late. Good luck!


Betzy - July 11

Hi Jal and Nikki. Like Nikki said, it is Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. It has to with a hormonal imbalance. The imbalance can affect the ovulation. Not all women get the little cysts, but the cysts are actually follicles that were supposed to grow and mature to release an egg but didn't , do to the absence of the hormones that stimulate the growth those follicles. Some other symptoms of pcos are acne, weight gain that hard to lose and hair growth on places like your face and chin. Jal, have you taken a pregnancy test? I've heard of people that get pregnant right after getting off the pill. It could also be that your body takes a little longer to get back to normal after stopping the bc pills. How many days did she prescribe the Provera for? I hope your AF comes soon so that you can start ttc. Best wishes!


jal239 - July 11


I have taken a HPT & had blood work done & both came back negative. I have heard too that your body takes some time to get back in natural swing of things. I am just so scared. After reading some of these forums I am so paraniod that I am going to have a hard time conceiving. Today I feel a little better witht the bloating thing, so hopefully things are starting to look up. thanks again for all you help. If you don't mind me asking, what course of action do you drs. plan on taking for your pcos? Good luck. I know it will all work out for you. you have scuh a great knowledge and attitude for all of this.


Betzy - July 11

Thanks Jal. I think you'll be just fine. Please try your best not to stress about it because that can only delay it more. Try to relax and try not read too much. Everybody's situtation is different and there are probably alot of issues on these forums that do not even apply to your situation. As for me, the doc has recommended excercise and healthy eating, prometrium (if needed, to get AF). I am going to ttc in Sept, so once I get AF I have to call my doc and she will prescribe Clomid to induce ovulation. Hopefully, it doesn't take me too long (I am praying)... I wish you luck as well and I hope you can get your mind off of it, the less stress, the better it will be when you are ready to ttc. You'll do great, you'll see...



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