Provera and regular AF
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jal239 - July 18

I recently finished a 10 day round of Provera and got my period the very next day. My question is will I have a normal AF cycle fromt his point on? Since this is the first time I have been on it I don't really know what to expect. Thanks!!!!!


stepmommel - July 18

Hi jal. My experience the first time taking provera was just like yours, AF came the very next day. It was a fairly light cycle though. The next month came on its own and it was heavy. I thought I was back "to normal" but AF didn't come on it's own for another two cycles almost. I just had to use it again a 2nd time, and AF came only 6 days into the Provera cycle, so the doc told me to stop taking it. So, to make a long story short, AF won't necessarily return to normal, though sometimes I hear it does. Hope that helps! Good luck to you!



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