Provera and Pregnancy
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madkins - March 11

hey girls, i recently took a ten day dose of provera 10mg. i was waiting on af to come but after 7 days still no sign. i took the chance and took a pregnancy test and it came back positive!! anyone know of any side effects of taking provera while pregnant or of the drug could have caused a false positive result??


tanner789 - March 11

well while i thought i had a chance of being pregnant but didnt know yet my dr and i were taliking about starting provera and i asked what if im pregnant and dont know it and i take it she said it wouldnt harm the pregnancy that sometimes they put women on it to help hold a pregnancy but i did notice there was a warning on the side of the med to stop taking if ttc or are pregnant so i dont know. didnt they test u for pregnancy before startign the med?


madkins - March 11

thanks for your help tanner789. no, they did not test me for pregnancy before starting meds. i am going to call my dr. tomorrow to find out for sure what is going on.


tanner789 - March 11

best of luck but they should always test you for pregnancy b4 starting that med, i hope everything works out



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