Provera and periods
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missy - March 19

Hi i was wondering if anybody has taken provera before and if so how soon did you have a period after taking the medicine? my doctor gave me 10mg to take for 7 days and it is now 3 days past the last pill and still no period. I have classic pcos and have not had a period in two months except for brown spotting a few days before taking the provera, my doctor doesn't think that was a normal period so he says i could start the provera right away, now i think it might have screwed up my cycles. should i just wait and see if it starts and how long should i wait until i call my doctor if AF doesn't start? i am anxious for it to start because i want to start clomid that i was perscribed... thanks for all the input


Jazzy - March 19

It usually takes anywhere from 3-10days to have a period. Don't stress too much since it has only been 3 days/provera usually works well so you will have your period soon enough...


pj - March 20

Hi. I just did my first clomid - 50mg cycle. It failed, ie I didnot ovulate. So I am also waiting for Af to start higher clomid dose -100mg. I am on day 34, my doc said I should wait 35 to 40 days and then start provera. She said that one gets Af either immediately or upto one week of finishing the provera. So, I dont think you should get too tense. Good luck



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