Provera and no period -how long?
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Jamie - July 5

I haven't had my period since March. I started charting my basal temperature and realized that I am not ovulating. I went to my doctor last week. She started me on provera - one 10mg pill a day for 5 days. She said that my AF would start within 2 days of stopping the provera. My last provera pill was Sunday. Yesterday I felt very crampy but today is not as bad. Af has yet to show and today is day 2. Will it start soon? How many days should go by before I should assume it hasn't worked? Or will it happen soon? Any advice would be helpful. Once it starts we are trying clomid.


Kelly - July 5

Jamie, I was put on provera for 7 days and started 3 days later. My doc told me that it could take up to 2 weeks. I hope this helps :)


PaintingChef - July 5

I had to take provera twice. Once I started af on the fourth day I took it and the second time it was almost 3 weeks after.


Jamie - July 5

Wow - so it may take awhile.... I thought it would start right away. That was the impression my doctor gave me. Thanks!


chrissy - July 6

I started my period 2 weeks after the last pill. I got really bad cramps and I was moody, lol.



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