Provera and early period
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NikkiB - July 10

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 10 months, but my periods are very irregular and painfull, so my doctor prescribed me provera, 10 mg on the 1st-10th of every month for 3 months. I ovulated on my own before, it just took too long. But this is my second month and I have taken the pills regularly, and I still have one left. My problem is that I started bleeding today, and it appears to be the normal spotting I get before my period really starts. I just don't understand how it could be early when I am still taking the pill and still have progesterone in my system? It should take a few days from the last pill, and last time it took ten! (I think because I ovulated while taking the pills and therefor had my own progesterone.)
But I don't understand this early period, my doctor said that it was guaranteed to regulate my period, which should make it easier for me to conceive, but it just doesn't seem to work for me!
Does anyone have any experience with this? I think I was about to ovulate within the next few days, so this doesn't make any sense to me!


stepmommel - July 10

Hi Nikki, I'm not sure exactly how much this will help, but I thought I'd give my two cents worth. Today was the first day of my second round of Provera. The first time, my doc told me to take it for 12 days and it would start within a week of finishing. I started the very next day (day 13). She also told me that should I have started AF prior to finishing the pills, to go ahead and stop taking them. So, I suppose it must be possible. There are a few other threads here having to do with Provera and it seems everyone starts on different days. One person I'm talking to on another thread said she started 6 days after stopping. So, maybe your cycle was already prepared to start AF when you started taking the provera this time, who knows! I'd suggest calling your doc to see if they advise you to stop taking it if AF comes early. Maybe it's making your cycle shorter!? Good luck!


jal239 - July 10


I am currently taking Provera. I went off BC at the ensd of May & had my scheduled AF the last weekend in May, but have not had one since. My ob says my system is messed up from coming off the pill. She says that this will help bring it on and regulate me. She said is is not uncommon to get AF during the time you are taking it. She said if this happens,stopping taking it. I am on day 4 of 10 and so far nothing. I feel bloated as heck but that is about it. I am curious to know if there are others out there who have taken Provera and still didn't get AF. Good luck and lots of baby dust!!!


NikkiB - July 10

Thanks for your answers. I guess you are right and that this happens sometimes, but I shouldn't be anywhere near AF on my own yet. I am only on CD20 and according to temps and OPKs I haven't ovulated yet. And my cycles are normally 40 to 50 days long.
It would be nicer if it made my cycle shorter, since that is what my doctor prescribed it for. It just doesn't feel right to me. I'm actually not sure if I am taking the pills on the right days now. It says "on days 1-10" on the bottle, and combined with what the doctor said, I assumed she meant calender days. Now I am not so sure...
Jal239, I never felt anything while taking Provera, so it seems like you are doing fine. I've read about Provera and some places talk about it as a test for your doctor to see what is wrong with you. Meaning that if you get AF after taking it, your period was late because you didn't ovulate, and if you don't get AF it could be because your hormone levels are too low. I was worried sick it wouldn't show up the first time, since this TTC thing has been one problem after another, but in the end, AF showed up. So don't worry, I am sure you will be fine. And baby dust back to you!


stepmommel - July 10

It's me again... I too am all messed up from BC pills. I got AF on time the first month and then didn't for two months at all. That was when I started Provera. I got AF the first month on Provera (though it was hardly noticable) and then the second month I didn't take it, but AF came again and this time it was really severe, so I just assumed I was "normal" again. Now this month I'm on CD 43 and still nothin! I wish they'd have answered me more directly all those times I'd ask the docs if BC pills would cause problems TTC. They flat out lied by saying they wouldn't, but if you ask me, not Oing regularly is more than an inconvenience and I think they should make that more known when prescribing!! Sorry, just had to vent. Anyway, baby dust!!


alley_ - July 12

Nikki, I was prescribed provera for days 1-7 of each month. I took it on days 1 + 2 and got AF on day 2, I was confused like you. Some have suggested that I was going to get it regardless if I was on provera or not and it was a coincidence. This month I took it days 1-7 and got AF on day 8. My dr said it would take 4-7 days after that last pill; but I got it the next day. My dr said if I induce AF for 3 months in a row hopefully my body will start to regulate itself naturally. I was on BCP for 8 years so she said my hormones just weren't able to regulate things naturally any more,but hopefully after 3 rounds it will get back to normal.. we'll see. I'm not that optimistic that I won't need other drugs like Clomid.
Good luck.



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