Provera and AF
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madkins - March 9

I started Provera 10mg on Feb. 21. I took it for 10 days, finished up on Mar. 2. My info says I should get AF in 3-7 days. Tomorrow will be 7 days and nothing. Anyone have to wait longer for AF after Provera?


Daniela - March 9

Hi madkins, I am on 10mg of Provera for 10 days as well.... Sunday will be my last pil... Its my first time on Provera so not really sure... I would call your dr... and let them know.
It can't hurt and at least they will be aware. Sorry I couldn't be more help.... Good Luck and baby dust!


tanner789 - March 10

i am on provera too took 10mg for 5 days and i have gotten af al;ways 6-7 days after last pill day, so my last pill was tues, i am expecting af sun or mon. why are u taking provera for 10 days? hope i helped


Sara - March 10

Hi, i have taken provera in the past and I always got my period 2 weeks after my last pill. The fertility clinic I go to says it can take that long for af. It should arrive in a few days. Good luck.


mother2Bsoon - March 12

Hi Ladies!

I took provera for 5 days and AF came in 2-3 days.



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