Provera & short AF
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jal239 - July 19

I finished my 10 days of Provera on Sunday and got AF on Monday, but it seems as though AF is done already. All I really have is brown discharge (like old blood, sorry TMI). Is this normal? I am afraid that thigns will not get back to normal. Normally my AF are around 5 days in length. Just thought I would sees what others have experienced.


Mega - July 19

Hi jal, I've experienced short AF's with provera before. Of course mine aren't usually long anyway. So I'd say it's probably not anything to worry about. From what I hear length of AF doesn't really matter much, as long as you have them to "clear out all the junk.," so to speak. If you're worried though talk to your dr just to be sure. Good luck. HTH!



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