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AmaSmith - April 19

I am now on cycle day 39 and have had 1 negative urine pregnancy test at the doctor's office and 3 negative hpt at home afterwords. I last tested this morning ... exactually one week since my visit to the doctor. I am going in this afternoon to have blood work done and the nurse told me that the doctor wants me to take Provera for 5 days to bring my cycle on if my results come back negative. I was reading a few things on the internet about people having trouble getting pregnant after Provera. I plan on only taking one dose ... not the shot just 5 days of the pill. Has anyone else done this ... can anyone give me any advise? Thanks


Mandi24 - April 19

where at on the internet did you read that taking provera can cause problems getting pregnant?? i would like to read that .. i have taken provera to start my period because it wouldnt come... thanks for the info


Katherine79 - April 19

I don't know if that is true about the provera, but if I were you I would ask the doctor if you can take Prometruim for 10 days 200mg to bring on your period instead of Provera for 5 because Prometruim is a natrual progestrone and Provera is a synthetic progestrone. Prometruim is safe to take in pregnancy if you have low progestrone, but it will also bring on a period if you not pregnant once you quit taking it. I had a miscarriage and my progestrone was low so the next time I get pregnant I will be taken a progestone supplement (Prometrium) just in case, That is just what I would do.


Staci - April 19

I have never read that about Provera. My only complaint with it is that I always get bad acne when I take it. My only problem is that I don't ovulate. I finally did this cycle with the help of Clomid. I am now in the two week wait!


AmaSmith - April 19

I'm sorry I didn't say that right ... what I ment to say was that I was reading things about it on the internet and people taking it ... and I remember my sister having trouble getting pregnant after taking Provera. I should have also noted that she took the Shot not the pill. Thanks for your comments though ... everything helps. *+*+*Baby Dust *+*+* to all.


Becky - April 20

Hello. I have taken provera lots of times. I have been ttc for 3 1/2 years. The only thing I don't like is that provera make me really sick. I hope you have good luck with it...


AmaSmith - April 25

Sorry it has taken me a while to get back. My husband and I took a 5 day vacation. On the 20th I got a negative result. I started taking Provera (five days of the pill) that same day. At about 9am on the 21st I had some pretty bad abdoninal pains on my right side. Then on the 23rd I had some Dark brown spotting. And then today the 25th, I have had a little and I mean just a little tiny bit of red spotting. Any ideas what's going on? I would like to think in my wanting to be pregnant mind that maybe the 23rd spotting was implantation bleeding from the 8th. But right now, I'm so confused about the whole thing. Any ideas would really be helpful here. THANKS


AmaSmith - April 26

Just to note ... I'm still spotting just a little and red this morning. Any ideas?



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