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proveraquestions - May 20

Hello. i was recently diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor prescribed Provera and Clomid. I started provera this morning. I was wondering if anyone had advice and / or success stories to make this process seem easier! ALSO, i have heard about some bad side effects with Provera...any advice / encouragement to get me through? MY husband an d i have been trying for a baby for over a year, and i need some hope! thank you


bump - May 20



Kelly - May 21

Hi, I am in your shoes as well. I just finished my first round of clomid after being on Provera for five days. Af came 8 days after the last pill. I am on cd 19 now. I did not have any side effects to either pill. I was just blessed I guess. I have heard that provera causes irritability and fatigue and clomid causes bad hot flashes. Dont be scared and hopefully you will be blessed w/ minor or no side effects as well. If you type in Provera and clomid success stories on google, you can find some encouraging stories about success w/ the two drugs. Baby Wishes to you!!!!


Jennifer - May 21

Hi. I have PCOS too, and use provera and clomid. I have not had any bad side effects from either. My doctor has me take the provera all in one dose at night before bed. I start my period 10 days later. I don't have any side effects from it. With the clomid I may have a few headaches, but that is really all I have.
How is your doctor having you take the provera?


shan - May 21

hey ladies. thanks for answering and giving me encouragement! i am on my second day of provera, no side effects, or period, yet. ONe thing i am worried about, is, that provera is dangerous when you are prego. So, why would we be taking it while trying to conceive? didnt know if your docs may have talked to you about that. I am looking forward to starting the Clomid, and finally ovulating :)
and, jennifer, i have been taking my provera in the morning...just so i am prepared if aunt flow comes to visit :)


Kelly - May 22

Hello again! Well in order to take clomid you have to have a period and from my understanding provera is only dangerous if you take while you are preggo. You would be taking provera prior to pregnancy. I hope this helps and I hope you do well with both and get pregnant really soon. :)


Jennifer - May 22

So, you take one pill a day? I still haven't ever heard of anyone else taking provera like my doc prescribes them to me. He has me take 5 pills, all together in one dose, before bed. I always start 10 days later. Has anyone else ever taken it like that?


Crystal - May 23

I just finished provera. My dr had my take it 10 pills for 10 days. I started 4 days after taking it. I am now on cd 5 and started clomid today. I am taking 100mg a day.


lucy - June 2

Hello, I'm new this forum. I had D&C on Mar22. and no periods yet. I had taken provera 1 pill a day for 5 days. And its been 12 days since my last pill and still no periods. My doc.said wait some more time. Should I be concerned. Anybody in this situation.



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