prometrium side effects (sorry it's a little long!)
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baby1234 - August 1

Hi. I am new to your site and happy to have found a place where others will understand what I am going through! I have been trying to conceive #1 since Nov. 04. I am 34 years old. I have been referred to a fertility specialist (finally!) and had my first fertility meds and IUI this month.

I was on Clomid and Gonal F and had 4 follicles mature before the IUI. I did my HSG injection on the 18th and had the IUI's on the 19th and 20th. I am pretty sure that I O'd on the 20th in the morning. (I had almost no side effects from any of these drugs with the exception of a little bruising from the shots and some insomnia from the Clomid.)

I started taking Prometrium on the 21st. I take 3, 100 mg pills, a day and will continue until the 4th of Aug, at which point I test to see if I am prego. If I am, I'll keep taking the prometrium, if not I stop and wait for aunt flo (the nasty hag).

I had no trouble with the progesterone and felt absolutely nothing...until 4dpo. Then I started to cramp a little. Nothing too bad, just enough to feel. (I don't usualy cramp much.) Then on 5dpo, my left breast seemed to grow over night. It was noticeably bigger than my right, and very tender, especially in the nipple area (sorry if TMI). The right breast was also tender. This doesn't normally happen to me.

My breasts are still tender, but the cramping has stopped for the most part. Today I began to get very weepy at almost everything! I am currently 12dpo.

My question is about the side effects of prometrium. Could this be the cause of the cramping and breast tenderness? I am trying to figure out if I am experiencing positive things here, or if I have to go through the whole process again next month because they are from the progesterone.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you for listening !
(well, reading :-) )



NB - August 1

I have been on prometrium I believe for four cycles now. I take it starting on cd12 through to AF. If af doesn't appear before cd 32, I am to stop and take a test, although this has yet to happen! :) The side effects I have noticed are headaches, weight gain and sore bb's in the beginning. I think initially my prolactin levels were raised, which was causing the sore bb's. I am not sure if the prolactin levels has anything to do with the prometrium, or if it all occurred at the same time. Have you had your prolactin levels checked? I am on the prometrium to help regulate af. I was getting it every 10-14 days, and it would last about 8 days, therefore, I was basically never without it!! It has definately helped, my cycles now are about every 25 days, and they last about 5 days. My progesterone levels have been fine, actually a little elevated from the prometrium. My left bb has always been bigger than my right, but I think the prometrium has made them both grow (along with the rest of me!) hee hee! Good luck!



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