Prometrium side effects
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Hi jjem, I think i am where you are. I had my iui on May 1st and i do b/w on Tuesday. I also take Prometrium at night 200mg. I have been pretty irritable for the past couple of days and I have had some mild cramping on and off for the past couple of days,how about you? Any symtoms? Have you done a home prego test ? Baby dust to you!!


++Hailey - June 6

I'm taking 200mg twice daily. I ovulated 10 days ago. I feel TOTALLY pregnant but I've read that the progesterone can cause it (swollen, sore boobs, lower abdominal pains, etc). Anyone know if I can take an EPT and trust the results? My blood test is on Monday. Thanks and good luck to everyone!


MonicaBush05 - July 25

I'm also on 200 mg of prometrium. My doctor told me that it would make me sleepy so I'm taking it at night. I have 5 pills left. I haven't had crazy symptoms every day but when I get them, they're in full swing! I've taken my pill anywhere from 8:30 to 9:30 and usually within 2 hrs, I'm extremely relaxed as though 2 tylenol pm have kicked in. I'm also very dizzy whether I'm trying to walk or just sitting on the couch! The other night I was chatting with someone and my head was bobbing.


gigibabe - August 4

I have also been taking prometrium, 200mg 2x a day, since 1 dpo. I'm taking it vaginally. I wasn't having any side effects at all, but now I am 6 dpo and I have some cramping and sore breasts. I have had 2 miscarriages and a myomectomy. Has anyone had side effects that have developed gradually or do the side effects happen right away? I woke up last night from some sharp cramping. I'm hoping it's from implantation, but I'm so afraid to get my hopes up.


Gayil - June 25

I take prometrium 200mg vaginally at bedtime and I have the worst dizziness ever. I am sensitive to meds and this one is definitely having this effect on me. It's also making me hungry all the time. Maybe taking less is the answer?


saimashekha - October 27

i am pos and i treid metformin for 4 yrs of 850 mg and still on it and i treid birth control pills for like for 24 months as i stoped taking it again my period got irregular and this time it is more then 2 months no period i want to the dr he percibed me this med prometrium 200 mg capsule for five and told me to wait for 2 days and u will get period but i havnt got any period yet so what should i do

Already Tried:
prometrium 200 mg capsule


Lynn44 - November 19

I have rcently been prescribed Prometrium 200mg. The instruction states on the bottle is to take 1 capsule on days 16 to 25 at bedtime. My question is do I start taking on 16th day after my period stops or beginning on the day my period begins, 16 days later begin taking through day 25? Please help. I don't want to miss starting this prescription.


staceynay - July 7

I started taking Prometrium June 17th at 1 am (i work second shift so I take it before I go to bed). I slept very well on it. I am taking 200mg once a day for 12 days to start my period. The only bad side effect I have had is I have bleed the whole 12 days of taking the pills plus 8 more days. So I have bleed 20 days in all. This is just my first round of the pills. I hope that I don't bleed as long next time.


green trees - July 7

I was prescribed 400 mg of prometrium nightly after an IUI. After a few days, I felt the same way MANY of the ladies are describing. Extreme sensitive nipples, nausea, fatigue, and cramping. I felt pregnant. Except I didn't know whether the symptoms were caused by pregnancy or the prometrium. Well, I took a pregnancy test today and I am pregnant. So sometimes these pregnant feelings equal pregnancy.


MelC - August 4

Yes, I had the same side effects. I called my doctor once to tell her about the extreme dizziness and sleepiness, and she shrugged it off and told me to stay on it. I tried for awhile longer, but felt I could not do my job safely feeling so dizzy and tired, so I discontinued them.


bluewaters94 - October 6

I just started my third month of Prometrium. After reading several posts I've noticed that the biggest side effect seems to be tiredness. I'm more tired than usual, but the worst side effect for me has the breast tenderness, bloating, and fluid retention. The day after I take my first pill my breasts start to become very sore and tender. I'm taking it because my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over a year now and my doctor determined that if I am conceiving my uterine lining isn't supporting the embryo. I guess the Prometrium is supposed to solve that problem. The side effects have been more intense each month. I just went through my second cycle of Clomid and the effects of the Prometrium are much worse than the effects of the Clomid. Has anyone else experienced the same side effects as me while taking Prometrium? I'm on 200mg and I take it once a day for 12 days.


cassie28 - December 3

My doctor put me on the birth control pill to gain weight, what time in the 24 hour day should i take the pill to gain weight?



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