Prometrium side effects
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husbandView - May 24

My wife is now on her 3rd month of this stuff (200 mg 2x a day, but the doc told her she could reduce it to 1x a day after a week) in our attempts to get pregnant (3rd round of IUI). Just a few notes/comments:
My wife has had extreme mood swings, bloating, weight gain, sore breasts (both months 1 & 2), and some bouts of tiredness. This month, its less mood, but now extreme nausea in the morning. It has been sooo hard to distinguish what is a preg sign, and what is just a side effect... so fingers crossed this month
2.) for mellisa (post a few days ago), prometrium can actually delay your period, you need to get a blood preg test, if it is neg... go off the prometrium and you will start in a few days.
3.) As far as the main topic on this page, my wife had some serious side effects with mood and weight. I'm sure that dizzyness would fall into a category to talk to your doc like we did for her symptoms. He said that they have no solid results on whether prometrium really helps in getting pregnanat (so he lowered it for the second week leading to our blood test), so maybe they can lessen your dosage... its just not safe to be so tired while driving/working. So the big key is, talk to your doc.

Good luck to all, hope my ramblings helped.


Marion - May 31

I take 200 mg for 10 days quarterly to complement HRT. I take it at night but it makes me feel - what I think would be - extremely drunk. I'm drowsy for till noon the next day. The sleepiness is always there but the drunk feeling doesn't occur each night. NEVER take it after having even a sip of wine.


Jenn - June 8

I am a surrogate mother that got pregnant by in vitro fertilization. Because of the side affects of my daily injections, I was ordered to take prometrium 3x a day 200 mg a pop. I have been experiencing headaches, dizziness, and some diarreah. doctor tells me it gets better! Hang in there! Lord knows I'm trying!


DEBRA - June 9



melanie - June 9

Ladies, I have included a link about prometrium. I will also start on prometrium this week...


trying - June 14

I take mine vaginally 200 twice a day and I don't have any tired or dizzy effects at all. So that might be the way to go but what i don't know is if my husband and I can have intercourse since i'm taking it vaginally. probably a crazy question but I don't know how long til the meds are absorbed and it's safe any one know?


allan - June 29

My wife has taken this drug for the past 2 months she was prescribed this drug to help with random periods she started taking it again yesterday and she fainted at work she is a lab assistant so she was lucky to have doctors right there to help her she had taken 400mg of the drug 30 min before i was told later that her blood pressure had dropped to 60 over 40 and she was totaly non responsive and had to be taken to the emergency room where she regained Conscious... now this was a very bad scare for me she had taken the drug before but always at bed and never 400mg always 200mg... So be carefull till you know what effect this will have on you


Kris - July 16

I have just started on Prometrium and was extremely sick, tired and dizzy. What a fun thing to wake up to! Does anyone know what the effect of it is on ovarian cysts? My right side is killing me and I am not sure if it is causing the cysts to rupture or not. Any answers would be appriciated.


KD - July 26

Anyone have any night sweats? I am on vaginal dosage 2x a day 200mg post IVF. I wake up several times a night drenched in sweat.


Beth - August 13

Prometrium made me very tired and dizzy. I ended up taking it about 1/2 hour before bedtime. Luckily I didn't have to take it during the day. Good Luck.


jen - August 17

I have been on prometrium 2x a day for a week now. I have just started experiencing very sore breasts and I am tired. I am really hoping that these are pregnacy syptoms and not only prometrium side effects. I have had 2 miscarriages and we can't wait to have a succesfull pregnancy.


Sherri - August 18

I just started my first dose of 200 mg 1x day at night for peri-menapause symptoms. (I am 43). I woke up last night with severe night sweats, rapid heart beat, difficutlty breathing and extreme pain in my left arm...I was pretty scared...I have stopped taking the medicine....I passed out at work thing morning, and 911 called....The emt did not think it was related tot he prometrium, but I am still checking...Hope all is well...


April - August 21

Can I ask all of you why you are taking prometrium? My Dr. just prescribed it to me and I'm wondering if I should keep taking it. My periods are very irregular, but I do get them. She said to take them every month from the 19th - 28th. I have been trying to get pregnant, but I read that progesterone can help you keep a pregnancy, but if you stop taking it you'll miscarry. I don't know what to do.


Stacy - August 23

I had a m/c in April and now am 6 weeks pregnant again. The doctors started me on prometrium 200 mg twice a day as soon as I got my BFP. The past day or two I was experiencing spotting and went to see the OB today. Everything looks great with the baby so they don't think it is anything to worry about but are increasing my dose to three times a day. I have not started yet so I am a little worries about what it will do (but willing to endure any side effect to get my healthy baby). On twice a day I notice I am slightly tired and naseuas on and off but nothing terrible on either front. Could just be normal pregnancy symptoms.


Dev - August 29

I'm taking prometrium 200mg for last 6 months. We are trying for a baby. Dr told me that it helps you to conceive. But I just found that on the bottle they have written that'DO NOT TAKE THIS TABLET IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR PLANNING TO GET PREGNANT'
Anybody have positive results by taking these tablets? Please let me know about this.


Tina - October 12

I just started taking prometrium myself. two tablets 200 mg. twice a day. I had a stillbirth in my previous pregnancy and so my doctor has prescribed this and we hope to have a successful pregnancy. It is making me dizzy and so it has been hard to get thru the day at work. My doctor just told me this morning about taking it vaginally. I believe that I am going to try this and see if it works.



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