Prometrium side effects
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LeeLee - April 24

Absolutely! I normally have a high drug tolerance (I take T3's for menstrual cramps) but found that an hour after my 200mg dose I had the exact same reaction!


Laura - April 24

I am on my 2nd month taking prometrium, days 12-24 of cycle (200mg in P.M.) for perimenopausal relief. So far, is helping physically and mentally, although can not imagine taking it during the day. Wondering if it has cuased wieght gain for nayone?


Cheryl - April 28

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have had one previous miscarriage. I was told by my doctor to take Prometrium 100mg once at bedtime. i am wondering if anyone else have had any positive results while taking this med to prevent me from another miscarriage.


dana - April 30

i had a sucessful outcome taking progesterone during early preg. I have had a few misscarriages, but the progesterone seems to have done what it was supposed to. My daughter from this preg is three, TTC another


Rebecca - May 1

I am also taking prometrium 200mg, 3x day. This is after 5 yrs of trying, 4 IUI's & 2 miscarriages in a row. I am hoping this is what it takes...but the side effects for me are terrible. The moodiness, anxiety & tiredness are the worst. I feel sorry for my husband!


jennifer - May 2

hi, i am on prometrium for the last month for infertility and have gained 12 pounds! I have not changed my diet at all, I am considering stopping cause this gain is going to cause worse probs than t he infertility!!


Kasey - May 8

I take it at night because it makes me so dizzy and tired I can hardly function.


Jen - May 14

I am on day 6 of 10 days and am having extreme cramping and bloating. Any suggestions?


Crystal - May 16

I have suffered two miscarriages in the past three years that my husband and I have been trying. Have been on clomid several times, and also had 4 cycles of Artificial Insemination. The two times I got pregnant were on my own with no help, but of course not successful. I have a low progesterone deficiency, so my doctor has tried putting me on progesterone on day 12 of my cycle until I start my period. This is my 2nd month. The first month no side affects really but this month am having major side effects. Actually feel very pregnant but had abnormal period on day 20, so know it is not that. Has anyone else had pregnancy symptoms while on prometrium? The other times I took prometrium was during my Artificial Inseminations had no side affects and also both times I got pregnant, but may not have noticed sine I was pregnant.


Sara - May 17

I too am taking 200mg daily (at bedtime) to manage menopausal symptoms. I have experienced the worse nausea, dizziness and lack of appetite that I ever remember having for the past ten days. I have to take two more pills before stopping for 28 days and then start all over again. I feel as if I am pregnant, etc. too. I can't wait to stop taking this stuff. I am grateful for having found this least I know I'm not alone now.


Christine - May 18

I am also on Prometrium 200 mg/3x day for 3 months. However, I am using Prometrium to sustain a pregnancy due to 3 miscarriages. The dosage amount depends on what you are taking Prometrium for, pregnancy, ovulation, menopause, etc. Also, I have been told that the side affects are worse if you take the med. orally. I have been taking the capsules vaginally as instructed by my doctor and have only experience SLIGHT drowsiness after a dose..but nothing that interferes with my day. Might want to check with your doctor for those of you experiencing such strong side affects. Good Luck! :-)


Mer - May 18

I had dizziness, naseau, extreme bloating, cramping, and was very emotional while on Prometrium; it was not a good experience for me. Taking the pills at night does help mitigate the dizziness, though


Frances - May 20

My doc just put me on this med -200 mg once a day and I take it before going to sleep- it does make you drowsy- I wonder why he told you to take it 3x day?


Nadine - May 21

I am taking prometrium 200mg 2x a day for the first time, and I have been feeling very cranky, now I understand why! My doctor never told me I could have side effects... Thanks for the info:)


melissa - May 23

I am also taking prometrium @ bedtime for the past 3 months...this month I am 7 days late on my period...& cannot get a hold of my doctor...I took a prg test last week & it was negative, but I stil haven't started? help me...


husbandView - May 24

My wife is now on her 3rd month of this stuff (200 mg 2x a day, but the doc told her she could reduce it to 1x a day after a week) in our attempts to get pregnant (3rd round of IUI). Just a few notes/comments:
My wife has had extreme mood swings, bloating, weight gain, sore breasts (both months 1 & 2), and some bouts of tiredness. This month, its less mood, but now extreme nausea in the morning. It has been sooo hard to distinguish what is a preg sign, and what is just a side effect... so fingers crossed this month
2.) for mellisa (post a few days ago), prometrium can actually delay your period, you need to get a blood preg test, if it is neg... go off the prometrium and you will start in a few days.
3.) As far as the main topic on this page, my wife had some serious side effects with mood and weight. I'm sure that dizzyness would fall into a category to talk to your doc like we did for her symptoms. He said that they have no solid results on whether prometrium really helps in getting pregnanat (so he lowered it for the second week leading to our blood test), so maybe they can lessen your dosage... its just not safe to be so tired while driving/working. So the big key is, talk to your doc.

Good luck to all, hope my ramblings helped.



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