Prometrium side effects
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Sherie - January 29

I have just started taking Prometrium 200 mg three times per day for 12 days. At times I have felt extremely tired and dizzy. At one point I could hardly hold my head up. Since I am a nurse and will be going back to work next week, I am concerned about the safety of me working. Has anyone else had these side effects? And, how has it altered her daily activities?


kelly - March 7

I'm also a nurse & taking prometrium 100mg, 3x a day for 7 days currently. I was really tired the first couple days,but now I'm better. Haven't been dizzy. I hope you start feeling better!


heidi - March 9

I am not a nurse but roke up this morning with the room spinning! It subsided, thank goodness but it seems that dizziness is one of the most common side effects based on my google search!


Kim - March 10

200 mg three times per day!!! Wow that a lot! My doc put me on prometrium 200 mg 1 time per day for 12 days. She told me to take it before I go to bed because it causes people to become extremely tired and dizzy. I notice once I take it within 15 minutes I am out. I fall right to sleep. So try taking it at night. Why did your doc put you on so much? The dose seems pretty high to me. The dose I take causes me to get my period as soom as my twelve days are up. Good luck!


bump - March 11



liz - March 19

yes. I am a doctor, andhave had three discrete episodes in bid prometrium.


Mary - March 25

I just started taking it at 100 and I have some dizziness but does anyone know if it can cause weight gain. I am a weigt watcher member and would hate to have to fight yet another battle.


Yvonne - March 27

I just started taking Prometrium 100mg at night. Specialist said to take it in the evening because it does cause drowsiness. I am also a Weight Watcher member and it didn't affect my weight this week - keep drinking your water! The problem I have with it is lots and lots of cramping and nausea - anyone else?


Tonya - March 31

This will be my second month of taking prometrium 200mg 2xs a day - after my iuis. Yes - I get so tired I can not function normally...and my main problem is the bloating and mood swings. It's definately worth it to get a pos result, but I know what you are going through. Does your dr have you on the pre-concep vitamins w/ folic acid and iron. Those do help. Good luck to you. I hope you feel better ...


Jackie - April 4

I just started prometrium 200mg 1 time a day for my menopausal symptoms. I am on my third day of taking this med and today is the first day I have felt realllllly dizzy,nauseated and tired!! But I took the pill this morning. Is it best to take at night?? Will I feel this way every time I take this med??


carolyn - April 6

My reaction to taking Prometrium 100 mg., which my doctor recommended I take at night for the drowsiness effect, is nausea in the morning, a kind of pinching feeling in my stomach. I also have a vague feeling of anxiety which gets better as the day progresses. I am also taking estragel .6 mg in the morning, so I'm not sure if that is also causing these symptoms. I've only been taking the two of them for three days.


Lin - April 7

I only take it once. I can't imagine taking it 3 times a day. It does make me extremely tired, and I was advised by my doctor to take it at bed time.


Deanne - April 12

I strongly suggest taking it at night if it makes you tired. I am on 200 mg once a day for 12 days and I made the mistake of taking it during the day at first. I guess maybe some people aren't affected with tiredness/dizziness but I was. 200 mg three times a day sounds like a lot...I would be a walking zombie! Maybe that side effect stops after taking it for awhile?


Holly - April 14

I asked my Dr. about this, he said to insert it vaginally instead-completely solved the problem! I am a dental hygienist, so I was a little worried about passing out on a patient, so I can relate.


Chris - April 14

I started out taking 200mg 3x day and am now supposed to take it 5x day, with the last 2 pills together at bedtime. It has been 2.5 months and yes, I am tired every time I take it. I am a nurse and have had to take my pill 2 hrs before I leave the house and then just wait to take another til I get home- I don't feel safe driving within the first hr or two, either. I am pg with twins.


Aliss - April 17

My Doc just recently put me on Prometrium and I'm reading that this is for menopause - I'm only 34 - what the heck?! Anyway my Doc only gave me one 200MG dose for the next three months & told me to only take it at bedtime. It sounds like 3x a day is a lot - please double check w/ your doctor.


LeeLee - April 24

Absolutely! I normally have a high drug tolerance (I take T3's for menstrual cramps) but found that an hour after my 200mg dose I had the exact same reaction!



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