Prometrium question
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baby1234 - September 13

Does prometrium help to induce your af? Do you start af while on prometrium, or after you finish? I am on prometrium until Friday to support an IUI. I am 12 dpIUI today. I started light bleeding yesterday (pink, but it lasted only for about 10 min.) and bled a little today (don't know for how long, but a little darker than yesterday). I was under the impression that prometrium induced your period when you stopped taking it, not before. Am I wrong? Any help is appreciated.


thayward7 - September 14

Prometrium does different things to different women. I was on it to support my luteal phase after my IUI too... my RE said that some women will get there period normally (if they aren't pregnant), and some women won't get a period until they stop the prometrium (that was the case with me). So, yes, you can start your period while on prometrium. Hope that helps a bit! Smiles and babydust! T


hoping - September 14

You're right. Prometrium (progesterone) is often prescribed to induce AF but the expectation is that AF will come after you stop taking it (within a day or 2). Really, the intent is to boost the progesterone level after ovulation - either to support an implant, or to provide the body the sudden drop of progesterone when stopped needed to induce AF if not pregnant. I take Prometrium (200mg 1xday) after ovulation for 14 days and I have some pink streaking pretty much the entire 2 weeks. After I take the last pill I start AF 24-36hrs later. Is it early enough to test yet? Good luck!


babygirl1967 - September 14

hopeing you say you take 200mg aday can i take 100mg 2x a day instead of 200 all at once? I am also using it for the same purpose as you. when do you start taking it the day your opk is positive or after? This info will help alot thank you. and baby dust to all



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