Prometrium for pregnant women? is this ok?
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raqui17 - February 13

Please help me, I was just prescrived Prometrium 200mg, suposely to have a healthy pregnacy, my blod test came back positive but the doctor told me my progesterone was low, and wanted me to get an ultrasound asap and prescribe me prometrium 200mg one a day at night time, i search about this medicine and everywere it says you shouldn't take it if pregnant, i'm worry, i was supoose to get my period from the 18th of Janyary to the 22nd and since i didn't get it i did a home pregnacy test and it came back negative, this past monday i did another one after 3 weeks from the 1st one, and this one showed the 2nd line really really light but then the blod test came up positive, then one more time after that in the hospital the urine test showed negative at the beginning but after a little while another really light second line, my doctor told me twice that the bloopd results do not fail, this will be my first pregnacy and they told me i'm about 6 weeks, i don't know now what to believe and what it will do the prometrium to me or the fetus.please help


Robyn - February 13

I had the same question as you. I am ttc and my doc has me on prometrium to try to hold onto a pg if I ever do get pg. I also noticed that there were warnings to not take it if you become pg. I called my doc immediately and he reassured me that yes, it is okay to take it for pg for the first weeks. So, just check with your doc to see how long he wants you to be on it. Good luck!


Jennyfer1979 - February 13

I can tell that my doc put me on prometrium also..My progesterone level was a 6.4 and you have to have atleast a 10 to sustain a health pregnancy...One job pregesterone does is helps thicken the uterus. So its completely OK...Good luck


raqui17 - February 13

thanks for your answers, i'm new at this (what is ttc?) i went to the doc today for an ultrasound and the ultrasound technician told me that for 7 weeks (as they suposse i am) she couldn't see a sack,and that it was to early to see it. the first day of my last period was December 22nd, and i had nothing since then, they advised me again to continue taking the prometrium, (although on the paperwork from my blood test shows progesterone 11.1) and they also told me that the doctor will see the ultrasound and give me a call tomorrow, my question is: at how many weeks do you see something?


Lynn - February 14

Take it......if your body is not producing enough to thicken your lining, you will most likely miscarry. You only typically have to take it until the placenta develops (12 weeks) and can produce this on its own. A parent of a little person in my classroom was on it twice a day and she did fine and baby was healthy. It does have warnings but that is commonly prescribed if profestrone is low.



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