Prometrium Blues?
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cdmrose - October 22

Last month I started taking Prometrium 200mg due to low progesterone on day 21. I take it beginning 2 days after my first day of LH surge, and then for 14 consecutive days. My af started a couple of days before I finished the course, and was normal. The last few days I've been moodier than usual, and my breasts still hurt, even though I've been off of the Prometrium for several days. I literally burst into tears when I saw roadkill on the side of the road Friday night. Could this be due to the Prometrium, and/or is this a normal side effect? I'm currently due to start the Prometrium again in a couple of days (100mg this time due to the cramping and other side effects).


Mega - October 23

Hi cdmrose! I was on the PIO (prog. in oil) shots myself recently after my first IVF cycle & yes, prog. certainly made me weepier than usual. So since you were on that much prog. for an extended period of time it's likely that you still have remenents left in your body currently causing you to have s/e still. Good luck with this cycle. Hope this is your lucky one!


isa - October 23

yup its all part of the hormones playing havoc on your system. If you are on other fertility meds it could also be a combo of both the prometrium and whatever else you are on as your body is all filled with stuff its not used to.Your side effects are very normal.


cdmrose - October 23

Thank you for your replies. Fortunately it's the only thing I'm taking right now - I can't imagine having to take even more hormones! I didn't realize it could stay in your body for so long. Well, thanks again, and best of luck to you both!


heather3233 - October 23

Hooray, someone else on Prometrium! I have been taking mine for 7 days now and I have had no side effects that I can tell. Do you think that means its not working? Im taking 100mg for 12 days and I am to take Clomid on the 3rd day of my AF. I hope you start to feel better on the meds soon, keep me posted please...take care.


Mega - October 23

You're welcome, cd. Yes, the hormones certainly do play with our emotions. Thank you. Good luck to you too. Heather--I'd imagine the prometrium is working well for you. Not everyone has s/e, some are just lucky that way. Hopefully that's the category you're in. If you're really worried though, about a week post-O you can ask for a progesterone test AKA Day 21 test. Good luck to you!


cdmrose - October 24

Hi Heather, I am glad to hear you're not having any side effects. I discovered that they mean what they say when they tell you to take it before you go to bed. I unintenionally stayed up about an hour one night after I took it and the room was definitely spinning! But by the time I woke up in the morning all was well again. Aside from the cramps, I was great until about 10 days or so into it. The hormones didn't really start to play tricks on me until I'd been off of it for about a week. Strange... Anyway, lots of baby dust to you both! Maybe this will be the big month...


heather3233 - October 24

cdmrose & Mega,
I have thought it wasn't affecting me untill this morning when my DH said that I was being overly grumpy for the past few days. I don't feel like I have, I just feel like he is getting on my nerves a lot. hahaha. Anyway, so maybe I am having some s/e that I didn't realize. I am not yet done with the 12 days but I will let you know if it helps bring on my AF. After that I start the Clomid, have you taken that? I was to take the med to start my AF but how will I know if I ovulate if I'm not using the tests in the store? I don't know much about all the temp.s and charts yet because this is all still very new to me and my doc. doesn't realy take the time with me I need. And some of the terms are new to me. I have some learning to do. :)
Thanks for the support you too and baby dust to you both!


JenG - October 24

Hi Ladies, Prometrium will definitely mimic pregnancy symptoms (cramps, tireness, sore breasts, etc). I have taken several times (including a whoping 600mg when pregnant) and it really does a number. I am a little confused about where you are in your cycle? You said you are off Prometrium? When I have gone off this drug, the side effects lessen? Are you sure you are not pregnant?


heather3233 - October 24

Well I have to correct myself, I said I didn't have any s/e on the Prometrium but according to my dh I have been very moody. >:( Yeah right. lol He's just using my hormones against me. :) Hope you all are well today and lots of baby dust....


cdmrose - October 25

Ah yes heather3233, those sneaky, deadly hormones will strike you when you least expect them to! But that's what ice cream is for! =) I may be grumpy too but the most obvious s/e to me right now is that I've spontaneously burst into tears almost daily for the last few days now. It's so embarassing! As my pharmacist handed my Rx to me he said, "These are not happy pills," so I guess I should have known. Anyway I should be starting my next LH surge any day now, and then 2 days after that I will start the next round of Prometrium. The cramps pretty much quit with my period, which was normal, but my breasts are still tender. I haven't even considered an hpt because I had a normal period after that first round, and because it sounds like this is fairly normal for Prometrium. Well, good luck to you all and lots of baby dust! Thanks again for your replies, and I hope you're feeling happier again soon heather!



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